SAHS Class of 1966



Roz Benitez & Andy Miller thought it would be nice to invite members of the SAHS Class of 1966 to post updates here.

Please do, for now, send your updates to   I will post the information here until Roz can get a SAHSReunion type email for your class.

Here’s what we want to know:

Where did you go last summer?  Are you still working?  Do you own an RV?  Are you a Vet (if so, service, dates, locations)?  How is your family?  What have you done lately to make the world a better place?  When was the last time you visited SAHS?  Who have you seen or heard from lately from the Class of 1966….. and what are they up to?  And, let us know who in our class has died?  What are your three most favorite memories of SAHS?  And

SEND PHOTOS!!!!  From the 60’s and from now.

Of you.  Of your elementary school class.  Of your family.  Of prom.  Of sports or other high school events.

Send to:

Catch up with your classmates in SAHS class of 1965!