Marilyn Lamb Cooper writes:

“Hello Again” “I Heard It Through The Grapevine” and “I’m So Excited” it is almost time for “The Saints To Go Marching In”. Will we “Rock Around The Clock” or just “Yakety Yak” like “The Way It Was”? In ten years I have a “Ruby Tuesday” who is 6 and a “Rocketman” 3, almost “Born On The 4th Of July”. Sometimes they “Wipeout” their Nana. Marilyn-Lamb CooperI said ” Good Riddance” to work and retired in 2008. No “Rockin Chair” for me! I still love my “Old Time Rock And Roll” with a “Red
Solo Cup” which creates a few “Blurred Lines”. “Its Just A Matter Of Time” when “I’ll Be There” as “This Used To Be My Playground” from kindergarten to high school. We will be “Blown Away” with “Emotion” and we might visit “All Night Long” reflecting on “All Those Years”.
“That’s What Friends Are For”.

See you in August!

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iPad. Mothers Day with daughter Heather.

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