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Gale Grall Moore writes:

I was so surprised to see so much info about so many people.  I had no idea.  Now I’m a bit late but will add my two cents.

Gale Grall Moore
Gale Grall Moore
I married in 1972 to a great guy I met at Western Airlines in Los Angeles.  We moved to Seattle and had two wonderful girls.  Our lives revolved around our girls and 4H.  Their dad and I would take our vacations to coincide with the King County Fair and all the 4H activities.  It was a great way to raise kids.
But, alas the marriage didn’t last.  Western Airlines became Delta Airlines and in 1993 closed the Seattle office.  The oldest girl headed off to college and mom and youngest daughter headed for Salt Lake City to follow the paycheck.  I’d thought I’d gone to the ends of the earth. Little did I know what a beautiful place this is.  I live 13 miles from Snowbird and Alta, 5 minutes from wonderful hiking canyons.  I have turned into a National Park junkie.   Between international travel with Delta and living here… I’ve had a wonderful life.
Florinda Islas Bailey is my tether to Orange County.  Louann (old habits die hard) and I are very different people now, but we can pick up our silliness and camaraderie in just a few minutes of being together.  I’m also very close to my brother who lives in Orange.  Between visiting both of them I have been able to keep up with the changes of our childhood stomping ground… and what changes !!!
And I see Jefferson has been mentioned.  I’m anxious to see Jane, Mary, and Wanda.. and everyone else.  I used to play football with the boys at Willard… Tommy McNeal, Doug Nalle, Dave Ault..and ??  I think we were 8 or 9.  I was a ruff and tumble girl !
I retired from Delta in 2005 but got restless.  I went to work at an in-house travel department for locum tenens.  I’m now down to 3 days a week and with a big house… am kept busy.  When not working I’m playing pickleball, or in the mountains.
Well, time to lose 10 pounds in the next 4 days !..haha ..Can’t wait to see everyone.
Gale Grall Moore

Dave Ault writes:

After graduation from SAHS I attended UC Irvine.  Played basketball my freshman year, but soon found out that my future in basketball was very limited.  Started working part-time at Disneyland on the weekends to help pay for school.  To my surprise, I was offered a management job in theme park operations and was part of the opening management team in both Walt Disney World and Tokyo Disneyland.  Along the way Uncle Sam called and I served six years in an army reserve MASH unit.  It was almost as crazy as the TV show.

In 1977 after moving to Newport Beach, I married Tina Coombe.  We were both avid tennis players.  The marriage lasted only seven years.  I was traveling too much and she was playing way too much mixed doubles without me!

In 1985 I made two major life changes.  After 17 very enjoyable years with Disney, I accepted a management position with Taormina Industries, a small family business located in Anaheim.  Later that year I was very fortunate to meet and marry a wonderful lady, Diane Driver Chappell (and her two children).  It’s been a great marriage – we will be celebrating our 30th anniversary this November.  By 1989 Taormina Industries had grown from $3 million to over $150 million in annual revenue.  I had been promoted to President and CEO of the company.  In 2001 Taormina merged with Republic Services to form the second largest solid waste company in America.  I stayed on with the new company as Executive Director of Municipal Relations for Southern California.

Dave & Diane at Coeur d'Alene Summer 2014
Dave & Diane at Coeur d’Alene Summer 2014

2013 was another major change in my life.  After splitting time in both Newport Beach and La Quinta for almost 30 years, we decided it was time to move full-time to our desert home and retire!  Our desert home is on the Citrus County Club, which is perfect, since both of us love golfing and the friendships we have made with fellow members.  Our other love is traveling (getting out of the desert in the summers).

Looking back, I can’t believe it’s been 50 years since we graduated from SAHS.  We all had some great times as “Saints”.  Looking forward to seeing many of you at the reunion.

Dave Ault