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Ed Velasquez writes:

I put together project teams for public or private sector entities. This type work is in part, an outgrowth of what we learned while playing football and other sports. I was a starter on a US Navy Championship football team at NAS Miramar, of  “Top Gun,” movie fame. This was my primary base from which we deployed to Vietnam more than once.   See if you can find me in the attached photo. (VFP-63). All the guys on the team deployed to Vietnam in 1968 and again later.Team_Flag Football -EdV

Antonov-P2550 June  11 2005 062
Antonov-P2550 June  11 2005 076breda2 rail car on test track Antonov-P2550 June  11 2005 019Fast forward to recent time, I have attached a few of photos of the success that one of my Integrated Project Teams pulled off on an international public transportation project for Los Angeles County Metro. First ever delivery of a commuter rail vehicle to from Pisa, Italy to Los Angeles, CA by a jumbo Russian heavy lift airplane.

My beautiful wife Kerry and I are in our 37th year of marriage. EdV Kerry and daughter RebeccaTogether we have two children, both whom are professionals. They each have their own
families and we are blessed with two lovely grand babies. We are fortunate that they live close by and we get together regularly.

Ed Velasquez, son Chris, USS Midway

Kerry and I have lasting memories of our lovely Caribbean cruises and our interesting cruise to the Mexican Rivera. I have circumnavigated the globe twice on board military vessels, but it’s truly more fun when your at sea voyage is blessed by being in the company of a beautiful woman.