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Marcia Lemon Sanserino writes:

 Marcia Lemon Sanserino writes:
I quit working 2 years ago, final tally – 21 jobs.  I’ve gone from camp counselor, tour guide at Disneyland, airline stewardess (not flight attendant!), babe in the snack cart at the golf course, snack bar owner, and on to some more professional work in education.

I married Gary after UCLA in 1972, and between my erratic job history and his career in baseball, we have both gotten around a lot!  He played minor league ball so we traveled around the country and got to live in such desirable places as Omaha and Charleston, West Virginia. We actually moved 12 times in 3 years to give you an idea of our vagabond life.

I guess as years go on, we have become boringly stable.  We ended up not so far from Santa Ana, we live in Laguna Beach.

At the moment we have 3 kids, 2 daughter-in-laws and 4.5 grandchildren.  These numbers might be different by the reunion!

We still have some vagabond left in us however, we enjoy traveling and have spent a lot of time in Paris.  We went to Israel and Jordon in May and will be in Norway shortly before the reunion.
I look forward to seeing everyone and catching up on your journeys!