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Mr. Snell Says Thank You

Aug. 25, 2015

Santa Ana High’s 50th Reunion was delightful.  We enjoyed the evening very much as we reconnected with students from the Class of 1965.  Chatting and catching up on the many, many happenings of fifty years was lots of fun.  The attention given to every detail was obvious from the first mailings until the lovely dinner at Prego Restorante . . . a super job!!
Congratulations to the committee.  Thank you for including us in your memorable celebration.  We greatly appreciate your thoughtfulness.
Sincerely yours,
Wayne and Gwynne Snell
(Cathy Alleman Packard forwarded the above with this note:
Mr. Snell sent this lovely handwritten note and asked me to send it on to all . . . none of these new technology gadgets for him.  No computer in his home at all.  I’ll send him a snail mail response from all of us.
Our teachers did have a great time.  So glad they came.  I think Mr. Ashbaugh was impressed with the contributions our class made in education, science and technology.  He always wondered if he was able to make any lasting contribution to his high school students scientific curiosity and mental growth.  He really didn’t know how much he influenced us with his enthusiasm and intelligence.  Now he does.  That really pleases me.
Just sent the”left behind” beautiful Class Pictures that Arline made on to their owners.  Of the over 100  classmates attending the dinner, only 12 photos were not taken.  We all looked pretty good 50 years ago!