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Steven Johnson writes:

Steven Miles Johnson……US AIR FORCE VIETNAM 70-71…….I plan on attending the veterans meet up Aug-22.. Attended Hoover,Willard,Santa Ana High, special thanks to Dennis Hill for getting up our third grade photo.  Miss Bigelows class..top row third  pic class. John Hunt very close friend..Cub Scouts Pack-124….his mom was our den mother. I was in Vietnam May 70-71..notified by letter from parents on John Hunts KIA. I worked in transportation,was a heavy duty maintenance mechanic (motor pool).  I am currently still working in automotive business Subaru/GM parts in Orange County

Steven Johnson in Motor Pool, Vietnam  US Air Force 1970-71

Steven Johnson in Motor Pool, Vietnam US Air Force 1970-71

Family members deceased–Father Mother Sister. I am not married.
Still living in Santa Ana. I am still working full time.  Not much traveling due to work.  I bicycle to work each day to Fullerton 32 miles round trip.  I rode the 100 mile mammoth  century 100 miles in 2010.  Bucket list is to ride down PCH coast San Francisco to Los Angeles in the future.
On my physical appearance hair loss  Ha Ha!! I shave my head every other day!  I have hearing aids eye glasses through the VA.  Other  than these 2 issues I think I am in fairly good shape for a 68 year old.
I do have some pics from military service could try to scan or bring to meetup?? Steven-Johnson-1 Steven-Johnson--2 Steven-Johnson-5 Steven-Johnson-6
As for the reunion possibly consider going but
hearing issue is kind of holding me back.  Hearing aids help but noise in rooms with lots for people is sometimes a challenge.  The name I go by is Steven.

Steven Johnson
Steven Johnson
See you soon.
Steven Johnson

David Palomino writes:

My graduation gift was a one way ticket to Hawaii. Bummed around there for six months.

Came back to Santa Ana and joined the Navy to see the world.  Right out of boot camp got orders to Danang Vietnam. vet-david-palomino-2Prior to that went to survival  school Coronado then counter insurgency training Whidbey Island Wa. In Danang I was assigned to the Naval support Activity aboard a small water craft. After 13 months in country got orders to Oklahoma City CLG-5 LigDavid-Palomino-1ht Guided Missile cruiser. Japan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Cruised the South China Sea. Crossed the equator twice. Am a Shellback.

In 1968 met my future wife Nancy in Portland Or. During Rose Festival. Honorable discharge from the Navy in 1970. Married Nancy in 1972. Moved to Portland Or. Hired on to the Portland Fire Bureau in 1974. Have two sons David and Tony. Two grandkids

Felix & Lola and another girl on the way. Grandkids are the best…

Retired from Fire Dept. in 2004 after 30 years. I still sing and enjoy music playing ukulele. I enjoy drawing mainly charcoal.

Looking forward to seeing all the old people  at the reunion. I’ll fill in the blanks when I see you.

David Palomino

Dan Fisher writes:

I’m not used to talking about myself but I’ll do my best.#1-I did not marry anyone from SAHS
#2- what is the distance to Japan, I don’t know but i lived there for 2 years while stationed there with the US Navy, Hospital Corp.
#3- 4 children ( 2 boys 2 girls ) ; 6 grandchildren ; sometimes good decision sometimes not a good decision.
#4- I still have hair but Grey.
#5- I spent 41 years in law enforcement and retired with the Federal Protective Service, Department of Homeland Security. I retired November 30 2013. I did work all over he U.S.
#6- I spent a lot of time at the shooting range, mostly instructing firearms. I belong to a Cowboy Action Shooting group. We dress as if we just stepped into 1870, attempting to be as realistic as possible.
#7- Asia.
#8- I have not seen or spoke with anyone in the class other than at a reunion.
#9- Love many, Trust few but always paddle your own canoe. In other words Be your person.
#10- I have no favorite SAHS memories.
#11- Movies-a western called “lonesome Dove”, ; Huntington Beach where I live.This is most I’ve talked about myself in a long time.Dan Fisher

Update on Veteran’s status:

I spent 4.5 yrs in the navy. I was stationed in California,  Texas  and Japan.  I was a hospital  Corpsman and took care of wounded Marines.
After I was discharged I worked for Continental Airlines  then as a police officer with the city of Anaheim. I spent my remaining yrs with the Federal Government  as a police officer and retired from Homeland Security in 2013.
I now work for a national guard company as a corporate trainer.
Married with four children and six grandchildren.
I live in Huntington Beach, walking distance to beach.