Veteran’s Meet Up

Dale Tilton and Mark Angell have decided that the Veterans should have their own Meet-up in addition to the Tribute planned for the Reunion Banquet.  Sounds like a great idea.  Here are the details and a list of the Veterans that have already made reservations for the Reunion:
“SAHS Class of ’65 All Veterans Meet-Up”
Date:  Saturday, August 22nd
Time:  11:00 to 12:00 noon
(immediately after the 10:00 student led school tour)
Place:  Santa Ana High School (room to be announced)
520 W. Walnut St.
Santa Ana, CA
Why:  Time to share News, Opinions and Memories
How:  Fly, drive, bike or walk!
Co-Hosts:  Dale Tilton and Mark Angell
Veterans already registered for the Reunion:
Mark Leslie Angell   US Army (Vietnam)
David Murray Ault   US Army Reserve Mash Unit
Donald G. Berkheimer   US Army (Vietnam)
Dale Gordon Deckert   US Army (only available for Friday                       activities due to planned cruise to Alaska)
Michael Wayne Downey   US Army
               (might come on Saturday to SAHS)                                                  Brian Bear Dunn   US Air Force (Vietnam ’66-70,
     US Army ’80-92, Operation Iraq Freedom ’06)
Robert Townley Durnell   US Army
Dan Carl Fisher   US Navy Hospital Corp (Japan)
Bryn Jerald Henderson   US Army (Vietnam)
Dennis Philip Hill   US Navy (Vietnam)
Charles Alfred Merrilees   US Army (Germany)
David Joseph Palomino   US Navy (Vietnam)
Charles Leland Patrick   US Army (Vietnam)
John Phillip Roquemore   US Navy  (Vietnam)
John Floyd Terry   US Army (Vietnam)
Dale Keith Tilton   US Air Force (Iceland and Taiwan)
Ed Velasquez   US Navy (Vietnam)
The Veterans Meet-up will be an opportunity for Class of ’65 Vets  to get answers to these thought provoking questions:
Dan Fisher – What exactly is “Cowboy Action Shooting”?
Ed Velasquez –  What does it mean that your family is designated as an “indigenous people” of Orange County?  Why do you say you served as a “Spook”?
Chuck Patrick – Why do you call yourself “Oil Field Trash”?
Dave Ault – How much time have you spent in the “happiest place on earth” (including Disneyland, Tokyo Disney and Walt Disney World)?
John Terry – Is it really possible to train a headstrong protection dog (German Sheppard and Belgian Malinois)?
Mark Angell – How good are you at trapping live rats?
Mike Downey – How do you transition from military service to a  professional career in art and violin?  Do you remember peeling potatoes with Dale Deckert in a mess hall in Texas?
Bob Durnell – How did you become “Master of the Door Prizes” at SAHS Reunions? 
David Palomino – What is life is like on a Light Guided Missile Cruiser?
Don Berkheimer – How many times have you been in total charge of the SAHS Class of ’65 Reunion name tags?
Dale Tilton – Why is your computer still “dead” after more than a year? Dennis Hill and John Roquemore – Did you learn any life altering skills when you worked for Dale Deckert?
Brian Dunn – Did you know you might be recalled after service in Vietnam to serve again in Operation Iraq Freedom?
Chuck Merrilees – Did your time spent on the Varsity Tennis Team make you a better “Cowboy”?
Bryn Henderson – How has being Past President of the Bachelors Club influenced your life?
(Add more questions in the COMMENTS box, below)
Check the website for more information on the “Reunion Schedule“.  And on the Meet Up Plans page.


6 thoughts on “Veteran’s Meet Up”

  1. From Steven Miles Johnson:
    Steven Miles Johnson……US AIR FORCE VIETNAM 70-71…….I plan on attending the veterans meet up Aug-22.. Attended Hoover,Willard,Santa Ana High, special thanks to Dennis Hill for getting up our third grade photo.Miss Bigelows row third pic class. John Hunt very close friend..Cub Scouts Pack-124….his mom was our den mother. I was in Vietnam May 70-71..notified by letter from parents on John Hunts KIA. I worked in transportation,was a heavy duty maintenance mechanic (motor pool)
    I am currently still working in automotive business Subaru/GM parts in Orange County
    P.S. Unable To Attend Reunion Banquet
    My e-mail Address is—–
    We will share more info at the meet up—-looking forward to meeting you all.

  2. Hi Cathy,..
    How’s things been going on with you these last
    Few years! Long time no talk to.
    Sorry I’m not going to be able to be at any of the festival days due to medical issues. Mark Angell and Dennis Hill can give you the issues why.
    Anyway I got a little something for the veterans…. I want to tell them welcome home because nobody else ever did, and thank you for your service.

    Brian Clayton Mucciaccio U.S. ARMY (1968 – 1971) How much ammo does one man need giving guided tours in the delta?

    Enjoy the time, I’m out
    Brian C Mucciaccio


    1. from Cathy Alleman Packard:

      Woke up in the middle of the night realizing why I kept attaching the name, Allan, to you Bob! Your uncle, Allan, who I understand just passed away a few months ago at 96 . . . was a Sea Scout on the “Stranger” with my Dad, Victor Alleman, (they were teenagers at the time) traveling about in the South Pacific collecting information supposedly on animals and vegetation (actually, unknown to them, they were mapping the islands for the military). Allan and my Dad were graduates of SAHS, both huge supporters of SAC, attended UCLA, etc. . . mirroring each others’s academic progression until WWII. Allan joined the Navy. My Dad was color blind so was assigned to “Civilian Navy” in Hawaii as a meteorologist after Pearl Harbor. Allan and his wife, Sandy, remained in contact with Dad until he passed away in 2005. They hosted many “Stranger” reunions in their home on Lido . . . Dad would keep the roster current, I would type up his invitations, addresses and memory booklets and your uncle and his wife welcomed this interesting group of sea going adventurers.

      God speed to your uncle, Bob. Welcome to the tradition of SAHS Reunions! I’ll bet you turn out to be Navy. See you very soon.

      Cathy Alleman Packard
      following the tradition of collecting Veterans

  4. Hi Bob. Nice to hear of you again. I didn’t see your name among the veterans. I missed the American Legion because I joined the French Foreign Legion instead. They just released me for good behavior last year. Hope to see you at the Vets meet up and tour on Saturday. I always enjoyed your sense of humor. Mike Downey

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