Patti Davis-Addimando writes:

Graduated and started working at the FARM remember State Farm on 17th street! Worked for them off and on 40 years. Did a little Kelly Girl and homemaker.

Moved to Texas for a year while my husband was in service, then to back to Santa Ana and then Garden Grove till 1995.

3 Kids 2 boys 1 girl and #8 grandchild due this March 2016. 4 grandsons and will be 4 granddaughters.

Retired now in Bakersfield on 2 1/2 acres with 6 horses, 1 pimy goat, 2 roosters, 3 dogs 3 cats. Married 48 years and going strong. Ever in or near Bakersfield stop by 3933 Renfro Rd.

Email me, Still alot of fond memories from high school, can’t believe its been 50 years! WOW

Patti Davis-Addimando

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