Jane Lindley Ransford writes:

Hello Classmates!

What a rollercoaster ride!  (You will all agree, I’m sure.)
After graduating from San Jose State where Ruth Ryland and I were freshman roommates and attending Chapman’s 7 Seas Semester in Fall “67 with Gail Lehman, I returned to Santa Ana where I completed my teaching credential at Chapman College.  That 1st summer home I saw John Eddy at a party and we began dating.  Both of us were teaching the next year and he was applying to Medical Schools after graduating from Yale on a full scholarship, doubling his major to Philosophy and Physics and still graduating Phi Beta Kappa!
We married in March of ’71 and went up to UC Davis where John was in medical school and I substitute taught and did a Masters in Theatre.  John gave the medical school graduation speech along with special guest Dr Spock.  Moved down to Palo Alto that summer where John was 1 of 9 interns accepted for Stanford’s Internal Medicine Intern program.  It was intense and stressful but he continued on with a Neurology Residency.  Half-way through that year he fell into a deep depression, doubting himself, his intellect and skills.  Sadly, he refused professional help and took his own life at the age of 28.  We had a 6-month year old son Gabriel.
I moved back down to Irvine where I had family nearby.  It was a difficult time for me but I made good friends and Gabe enjoyed growing up there.  After a couple of years I went to Cal State Fullerton to get my degree in Accounting to become a CPA.  There I met my future husband, Tony Ransford, who was my Business Law teacher.  Two years later we were married, I passed the CPA exam and Gabe was in Kindergarten.
I ended up working in Tony’s law office in Laguna Hills, doing taxes and accountings for his clients’ estates.  We were married for 31 wonderful years and lived in Hawaii (Kona) for 5 years after retirement in 2002.  Tony died after a short illness in 2012.
Gabe and I moved around a bit and have finally settled in San Luis Obispo.  He has his own place but is still single.  I have remained close friends with many from Willard and SAHS including Barbara Blackwood, Dee Dee Whiteaker, Ruth Ryland and Pat Briggs.  We have had several “mini” reunions over the years.  Often we comment how lucky we all were to have grown up in beautiful Orange County, near orange groves and beaches, with so many wonderfully nice, simple people.
My brother , Robert (Bob) Lindley also lives nearby and, just a note, I recently found a picture while moving of my dad in his SAHS basketball uniform from about 1930!  (Both of my parents graduated from SAHS.)
Barbara Blackwood and I are sharing a room at the Marriott and are looking forward to fun weekend and seeing everyone!
Jane Lindley Ransford

Kathy Flynn Tsakas writes:

Hi Friends!  How nice it is to hear about you and what has happened in the last 50 years!  It’s been quite a ride!  I finished nursing school via Hawaii and LA County-USC Medical Center and enjoyed years as a Registered Nurse.  Always loved to travel and being a Stewardess was fun.  Then I took an advanced course in Psychiatric Nursing of Adolescents in Edinburgh, Scotland. While there, I met my husband, a Professor of Genetics at the University of Athens, and we lived in Greece for 17 years.

The marriage lasted a long time, but not forever, and I am now divorced and living near Boston working in health care.   I’m very happy to have my two children and their families living near me.

I will always be thankful to our teachers at Santa Ana High who made all the difference in the world to me then and whose kindness gave me resilience in my life , Mr. Anderson, Mr. Leecing, and Mr. Ashbaugh .  And to the friends I’ve lost touch with,  we had fun especially in The Miracle Worker and Debs & Esq, we helped each other out, and I wish you all the best.

Kathleen Flynn Tsakas
Best e-mail address: kftsakas@yahoo.com

Gayle Neiman Inbody writes:

Hello Saints,

It is hard to believe that I am old enough to have graduated 50 years ago. I have lived in Orange County for most of the past 50 years. As far as I know I have not run into anyone from high school. Currently I live in Lake Forest on the lake. I have been here about 3 years and love it.

So here is my update, will try to keep it brief.

After graduation I went off to Cal State Northridge. Got married and I had 2 daughters. Was a stay at home Mom for a few years and then my parents bought Ashly Jewelers that was on 4th Street in Santa Ana. As that business grew and had more location I started working in the business and I became the human resource manager for the stores.

After 20 years of marriage got a divorce and a few years later got remarried to a wonderful man. He owned an engineering company and I ended up running his office. We traveled all over the world going to places that I had never imagined that I would ever get to see.  Sadly after spending 21 years together he died this past year.

I have lots of family close by, wonderful friends, 5 grandchildren and one on the way.

Grandma Gayle Neiman & Marissa
Grandma Gayle Neiman & Marissa

So I am happy to say I keep very busy. Recently I took up lawn bowling so I am an official member of the Newport Harbor Lawn Bowling Club in Newport Beach. It is a lot of fun and if I have any extra time I spend it bowling.

The enclosed picture is me with one of my granddaughter Marissa.

Happy 50th!

Gayle Neiman Inbody

Carolyn Cronin writes:

Aloha from Kauai!

As I write this note, I am spending 3 weeks on Kauai with my husband of 3 weeks, David Saulibio, who was born and raised on Kauai.  We met on Maui 42 years ago and went separate ways, and reunited one year ago via LinkedIn.
I retired 5 years ago from SAUSD as a school nurse of 12 years, and have enjoyed 5 years as a substitute nurse for the preschool program.  I even had the Adult Transition kids who are based at SAHS.  A lot of memories when I would walk through the halls of the original high school we attended.
I have moved to Spokane, Washington and will be helping Dave raise his 3 grandsons.
Ed Robinson, a fellow classmate of ours, and my first husband, have a 35 year old daughter who is going to be teaching third grade this year in Portland, OR.  She graduated in 2013 from Columbia University and just recently moved to Portland.  No grandchildren from her yet, but who knows, perhaps next year.
Life has been great and it just keeps getting better.  Dave and I will not be attending the reunion, as we had already rented a lake front home on Diamond Lake in the Spokane area during the time of the reunion.  But I will be thinking of you all and wishing you a wonderful visit.  I could say a lot more, but it would be boring anyway.
Love to you all,
Carolyn Cronin
(P.S.  This time I am keeping my maiden name.)

Dale Tilton writes:

Bio from Dale K. Tilton

            6817 Pippin Way
            Citrus Heights, Ca 95621
            916 727 9177
Santa Ana Jr C 6-5-67
Joined USAF 6-7-71
Stationed    Greenland
                  McClellan AFB
American River Jr College AA Degree Math 72
U S Post Office
Married 1971
Divorced 1999
Two daughters
Two grandsons 5 & 16
Now retired
    Camping with family
    Kayaking  with family
    Fishing with family
    Hiking with family
(Dale reports his computer has been broken for 1 year now. )
Dale Tilton

Arline Radillo Greene writes:

In 1965 I vowed I would never marry or have children.  Today, I’m thrilled to report that we have 5 children, 4 daughter-in-laws, 1 son-in-law and 12 grandchildren and I have been married for 38 years.  Okay, so I only bore two of these children, but I consider them all mine.


(Since this photo was taken we’ve added a daughter-in-law and 2 more grandchildren

After graduating from Cal State Long Beach, I returned to Santa Ana and taught 2nd grade at John Adams elementary.  I was one of the few bilingual teachers in the district.  After two years I convinced the school district to take a chance on a bilingual educational television program.  Educational T.V. was in its infancy.  They agreed and “The Number Shop” or “El Mercado de los Numeros” was born.  I wrote and hosted this math program.  We sold the program to KCET, the Los Angeles PBS station, where the program was distributed throughout Southern California.  Then I accepted a job with another station working on two programs: a live entertainment series following summer happenings in Orange County, and as a segment reporter on a biweekly news program.  Lots of fun.  I rode an elephant from the train station to the convention center, covered the surfing competition (while trying to learn to surf), covered the national offshore powerboat competition, the square dance convention, and was hypnotized on-air.  I looked like an idiot the entire time.

I then married a divorced man with four children.  Many were not happy with my decision, and when we returned from our honeymoon he was fired from his job. That meant I was now supporting his four children.  I was advised (unsolicited) to annul the marriage, which I refused to do.  He went on to start the biotech industry in San Diego which included pioneering the first PSA tests.  Later he started a company to develop a new hormone for controlling diabetes.  Life with Ted has not been boring.

We have put all our children through college.  They are all married and have children that love sailing, chicken and noodles, and popcorn.  A must if you’re going to live in this family.

We’ve been to 6 continents with Antarctica as our next destination in February.  We’ve crossed the equator:  I was read my list of felony charges by King Neptune when I successfully converted from a pollywog to a shellback.

I’ve been served monkey brain soup in China, something “unrecognizable” in Kenya (it was still wiggling), and Grasshoppers in Thailand.  None of which I could eat.

Ted, Arline Radillo-Greene in Portugal
Ted, Arline Radillo-Greene in Portugal  May, 2015

We still have our home in San Diego, but have retired to Northern Michigan with the deer, wild turkeys and abundance of birds that hover at the kitchen window when the bird feeders are empty.  In the summer all our kids arrive.  They wouldn’t want to miss our annual watermelon seed spitting contest.

In 2001 I started a scholarship fund at Santa Ana College in honor of my father.  These scholarships are awarded to Hispanic kids majoring in Engineering, Biology, or Chemistry and who are transferring to a 4-year college.

Arline SACC 2015 Scholarship winners
Arline SACC 2015 Scholarship winners

Help is given for tuition and books.  Do this day I still interview all candidates.
Looking forward to seeing everyone and catching up.  Bring pictures!

Arline Radillo Greene

Sandy Beatty Brummett writes:

I had a wonderful time at Santa Ana High School.  I met Earl in my Junior year.   He was in the Army and went to Vietnam in 1966. I got a job at Disneyland and had a great summer with my friends.  In  1967 we  married we  went to Germany for a year.  It was a wonderful year, we traveled, shopped, lived in our own apt near the Army base. Great experience!!

I worked for Bank of America for 26 years. I  went out on LTD in 1989 with major bladder problems.

We started our family in 1972, with a beautiful  little girl.  We had a lot of good years.  Then divorced in 1981.

Sandy Beatty Brummett,  Gary Brummett
Sandy Beatty Brummett, Gary Brummett
Sandy Beatty''s twin grand daughter cheerleaders.
Sandy Beatty”s twin grand daughter cheerleaders.
Gina, Kaci are Sandy Beatty Brummett's two beautiful 15 year old grand daughters
Gina, Kaci are Sandy Beatty Brummett’s two beautiful 15 year old grand daughters

I was single for 5 years then found Gary Brummett, from Orange.  He went to Orange High School  and graduated in 1960.  We have done lots of traveling in the 29 years we have been married. We love to cruise.  He is a wonderful person.

I do a lot of volunteer work  for Hospice and Dialysis work for at St Elizabeth St Joseph in Orange.

I also belong to Orange Emblem Club in Orange.  We are affiliated with Orange Elk’s Lodge. Our Club supports 19 Charities every year.  I’ve been a member for 16 years.  I’ve been Treasurer for 7 years for the club.

I went to a concert at GG Elks Lodge recently and I ran into the Chantay’s.  Bob Welch was sitting watching the show 4 Chantays band members were upstage playing R & R songs from high school days “pipeline”  It was fantastic.  I got up my nerve and asked Bob’s wife if she’d take my picture with Bob.

Sandy Beatty & Bob Marley (class of '93 & Chantays) re-connect
Sandy Beatty & Bob Welch (class of ’93 & Chantays) re-connect

She did, I explained I knew Bob from High school he was class of 63, I was from class of 65.  I told Bob we were having our 50th class reunion next month and I wanted a picture of him to show my classmates.  So my daughter posted it for me on facebook.  I was on cloud nine all day!!

Then they had the new version of Beach Boys that played a lot of songs, my friends and I sung our hearts out.  I got some pic of the Chantay’s playing and Beach Boys singing. Chantays- Beach BoysChantays_Beach Boys

They were great!!

I’ll send the one by phone you can post on my bio page.

Sandy Beatty Brummett

Carl Cullings writes:

After graduation from SAHS in 1965 I spent a week in Hawaii, on Oahu, and a month in Japan traveling with a former junior high school teacher.

We were in Tokyo for one week and then traveled to a number of other places including Kyoto, Nara, Mt. Fuji, and Hiroshima.  I was amazed at how friendly the Japanese people were to Americans.  The exchange rate was 400 yen to the dollar. Today it is about 123 yen to the dollar.    1964

I entered a journalism scholarship contest sponsored by the Los Angeles Herald Examiner.  They offered me a 4-year scholarship to Pepperdine University to pursue a major in Journalism (with the expectation that I would work for them after graduation).  However, I exceled at math and science and wanted to follow a different career path so I declined their generous offer.

I enrolled at and attended UC Irvine in the Charter Class.  I took classes in Math, Social Science, French, and Physics.  My major was in Physics.  UC Irvine used the quarter system (3 quarters per school year instead of two semesters).  As a junior I enrolled in a 5-quarter physics class taught by Dr. Forrester.  During an important final exam 70% of the class got very low grades and hence, many of the 100 plus students in this class ended up changing their majors, including me.  I changed my major to Electrical Engineering.  It turns out that I liked that field and graduated in 1969 with a BS in Electrical Engineering.  I subsequently enrolled at USC and attended night classes working towards an MSEE.

After graduating from UCI in 1969 I was hired at Aeronutronic in Newport Beach (just over the hill from UCI).  Aeronutronic was a defense and space related division of Ford Motor Company.

In 1961 Ford purchased Philco and merged the two companies in 1963 and called the company Philco-Ford and later Ford Aerospace.  Some employees called the company Ford Aeroneurotic.  I worked on the Chaparral Missile system, which was a missile, launched from a tracked vehicle with 4 missile rails.  These missiles used an IR (infra red) seeker in the nose and were very effective in downing enemy planes and helicopters. After two years with Aeronutronic, massive layoffs occurred, and I interviewed at many companies over a 3-month period and received an attractive job offer from Hughes Aircraft Company in Fullerton, CA where I started working in 1971.  I worked in the Receiver/Exciter Department for about 6 years, spending the first 6 months working graveyard shift on the SLQ-17 electronic countermeasure system. This system was deployed on all of our aircraft carriers to protect them against enemy missile attacks.  I then transferred to the Signal Processing Department, in the Beam Steering Group, where I spent another 6 years.  I did design work on a number of ground based radars, including the TPQ-37 Artillery Locating Radar System (which could back plot an enemy’s mortar or artillery round and direct our artillery to fire back before the enemy shell hit the ground).   This radar used electronic scanning to sweep the sky in azimuth and elevation and could track many targets simultaneously.  The radar was large and expensive but very effective and is still being built today.  I then transferred to the Antenna Department where I spent another 6 years working on a number of radar projects including a few classified radars.  Then I transferred to the Component Engineering Department where I spent another 6 years working with many RF and microwave components used in a number of different systems.

General Motors purchased Hughes in 1985 and merged Hughes Aircraft with its Delco Electronics unit to form Hughes Electronics Corporation.  Then GM sold their assets to Raytheon in 1997.   Most of the buildings in Fullerton were sold for commercial development and the majority of employees, including myself, had to transfer to El Segundo.  The commute from Orange to El Segundo was a lengthy one taking about 3 hours of round trip travel time per day.  Raytheon has a number of buildings in the El Segundo area (near LAX), as does Boeing.  I worked at the El Segundo South site in Building E1.  I worked on a variety of different programs involving radars (for Army, Navy, & Air Force), electronic countermeasures, communications systems, and satellite systems.  At one point Boeing Defense Systems needed additional help so my department agreed to loan them about 8 people (myself included).  We spent 20 hours a week working for Raytheon and 20 hours a week working for Boeing.  Raytheon acquired a number of other companies across the US and they created technology teams to try to integrate the various companies.  I was chosen as the leader for the RF/Microwave Tech Team which was comprised of about a dozen people from locations in El Segundo, Santa Barbara, Tucson, Dallas, Sudbury, MA, Tewksbury, MA, Fort Wayne, IN, St. Petersburg, FL, and several other sites.  I did a lot of traveling around country to visit other Raytheon facilities and visiting with suppliers, and potential suppliers.  I worked on generating a list of Raytheon standard suppliers and a list of Raytheon standard parts (to be used by all the sites).  I helped generate an RF/Microwave Handbook for design engineers to use.  I retired from Raytheon at the end of 2006 as a Principal Electrical Engineer.





I have one 5 year older brother, John, who along with his wife Diane has been living in Laguna Beach for 45 years.  John also attended and graduated from Santa Ana High School.  I met my wife, Cathy, in 1972 while roller-skating at the Skate Ranch in north Santa Ana (now known as the Discovery Science Center).  She was a graduate from Orange High School.  We got married a few months later and lived briefly in an apartment in Yorba Linda, then moved to an older home in North Orange where we have been for the last 43 years.  We have three children, ages 42, 39, & 28 and 6 grandchildren ranging in age from 13 to 19.


Cathy and I have gone on a number of one and two week train trips led by an excellent tour director (Roland Graham) from Irvine whose travel agency is called Mountain-Outin.   He specializes in train/motor coach tours with about 50 people per tour.  We have traveled around the US and across Canada with some of his tour groups.  We also make periodic trips to Las Vegas, Phoenix, Prescott, and Alabama.


We have one dog (Siberian Husky) and one cat (long haired calico).  They are both getting up in years but then so are we.  2015

Photography, computers, travels, people watching.

Memories from High School:

  1. Riding my Honda 55cc trail bike to school on a rainy day, leaving home wearing white corduroy pants and arriving at school with black corduroy pants.
  1. I loved the school cafeteria where you could request a larger helping and many times receive it. The spaghetti was my favorite.  But then in a cost cutting measure they eliminated the cafeteria and replaced it with vending machines with food put in paper containers with plastic wrap on top.  The spaghetti was slimy and awful.  Someone probably got a raise for this cost cutting measure.
  1. I remember having to say the Pledge of Allegiance in French in Mr. Bouchard’s French class. I can still recite it, in French, today.
  1. During open house, some students, taking chemistry class from Mr. Ashbaugh, would make a pasty mixture of potassium tri-iodide and spread it on spots on the sidewalk. When someone walked over the spots they would feel little explosions under their shoes.
  1. I took lots of pictures for the school newspaper. Digital cameras didn’t exist yet so we were using film cameras.  My father helped me build a darkroom in our garage at home so I could develop the film, and make prints with an enlarger.  This was a very time consuming task and required working with three different chemical baths.
  1. I had Mr. Petri for Physics class. I learned a lot from his class, which led me to pursuing a major in Physics at college later on.  There were no scientific calculators yet so we did many math computations on a slide rule.
  1. I enjoyed being on the Track team and competed in the 100-yard, 220-yard, 440-yard dashes as well as many relay races and I competed in the high jump. Some of the relay teams I was on made it to the state finals.
  1. During Easter break thousands of students would travel to Newport Beach (for Bal Week) and enjoy the surf and sand and cruising up and down the Balboa Peninsula. It was a lot of fun until the police started setting up check points to discourage the out-of-towners.

I am looking forward to meeting my SAHS classmates at the reunion.

Carl Cullings

Theodora M. Christensen writes:

Wow, can’t believe 50 years have slipped past. Amazing!  Having read the “bios” posted already, we certainly cannot be turning 60 something !!

You all sound so full of ‘get up and go’ and have filled these years in so many different ways !!

O.k. then, I will fill in a few of my years since graduation:
Having worked at Deckert Surgical for my 6th period work experience class under the guidance of Mr. Riordon. — Moved to Texas for awhile and then came back and started working at “Deckert’s” again.  John Roqumore and Dennis Hill worked there as well at that time.  Dale and I married and have 3 great daughters.  Christina is a  Partner Dr. for Kaiser Orange County,  Karen is an attorney in Las Vegas and Julie works for Famous Daves BBQue.  We have  7 grandchildren.  I opened and ran a branch store of  “Deckert’s” in Diamond Bar, Ca. where the girls grew up.

Somewhere along the way-we took a turn that led to seperate lives.  We are great friends and have always shared in parenting our girls.  I worked and help run a plastics reprocessing co. in Santa Ana learning all there was to know about thermoplastics and how it becomes plastic pipe–(a huge leap from medical supplies)–  Besides being a business partner I became Co-Owner and a new marriage was born  as well as a new company.  Allegis Pipe, Inc. was begun in 1994 and built it’s manufacturing plant in Las Vegas, Nv.  Allegis Pipe became the 3rd largest ABS DWV pipe manufacturing co. in the western United States.

We sold Allegis Pipe in 2000 and basically retired.  My next new love was found in Wild Mustang Horses.  I became involved with a wild horse group in Las Vegas that managed the Red Rock Canyon herd.  I adopted 2 wild mares–one with a 3 day old filly and the other foaling 1 month  later.  What an experience to train wild horses.  I was 55 then and thought all I would have to do was ‘love’ them.  Fooled me–since I had NEVER trained a horse, none the less, a WILD horse!   Mustangs are the greatest.  My 4 “girls”  all became gymkhana horses, which was quite a success story.  In 2007, we moved to Leona Valley, Ca. (No. Los Angeles Co.)  Bought a 10 acre horse breeding/boarding ranch and I still live there today.  It was here I  learned to raise chickens and sell organic brown and blue eggs. Besides the horses and chickens, the ranch had rabbits, goats, feral cats and a dog. I also made and sold apple butter, apricot and plum jam from the orchard trees.

Unexpectedly, I became a widow in 2009.

Always looking for new adventures, I became involved in Disaster Relief.  I am a member of ‘CSBDRM’/California Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Ministries: a non–profit group that voluntarily goes to help in any disaster for which they are called to deploy.  There is a call out right now for Nepal and also upcoming to the Denver area. Last year I worked an “ash out” in Twisp, Wa.  Very rewarding work, mostly for folks who have no homeowners insurance and truly need this help. I became FEMA certified as well as CERT trained, and continue to take any trainings that are beneficial to deployments.

For FUN, I enjoy traveling ie: camping, hiking (recently was in Moab, Utah at Arches), wine tasting, western dancing and so on— If there are any of you who would like to participate in any of the above adventures–let me know!

Besides Dale (Dusty), I stay in contact with Wanda Mason Lopez and Robbie Edney Jefferson.

As the song goes, “all my bags are packed and I’m ready to go”.  Recently, I have had several SUPER phone conversations with our hard working reunion classmate Sandy Beatty!! What a delight.  With all the hard work and efforts on the part of the reunion team, this should be a fantastic 50th!!
Until then,   Happy Trails to you,

Tedi–(theo) Christensen

my email address is: sevenwildwomen@yahoo.com   ph# 661 270-9533 — I would warmly welcome hearing from you!
oh yes–sevenwildwomen –hmmm-I was going to tell you, but maybe I will just wait and see if anyone asks!!

Tom McNeal writes:

This is what I remember: Walking toward school along Flower Street in the early morning with a bunch of books under my arm hoping that Phil Lynch would pass by and let me hop in the back of his MG Midget.  This seems a long, long time ago.  It also seems testament to my own stupidityI had a perfectly good Schwinn Continental at home and I’m pretty sure somebody had invented backpacks by then.

I still have that Continental, by the way, and our older son, Sam, 17, rides it to high school.  We live now near San Diego in Coronado, a city we chose both because of the good public schools and the fact that you can walk or ride your Schwinn to school, the library, the baseball field, the grocery store, or the beach.

My life has been a pretty quiet one, which is the way I like it.  After high school, I graduated from Berkeley; dropped out of Boalt School of Law; got a teaching credential; taught junior high school in Orange; married Cathy Van Riper, whom I’d met in journalism class at SAHS; moved to Nebraska; was awarded a Stegner Fellowship and then hired as a Jones Lecturer in creative writing at Stanford; and helped start a general contracting and property management business with my brother, Fred, and brother-in-law, Jack Duckworth (the little brother of Willard’s Mr. Duckworth).

But, mid-life, there were still a few big things I wanted to do before cashing it all in, namely:

  1. Have kids;
  2. build my own house; and
  3. finish and publish a novel.

By age 45, I was still 0 for 3, and divorced. In 1993, I married a tall, funny, writerly type named Laura,

Laura and Tom McNeal, June 2015
Laura and Tom McNeal, June 2015

and we began building a house overlooking an orange grove in Fallbrook (my brother, Fred, was the job superintendent).

Fred McNeal and Tom McNeal at a wedding in approximately 1970
Fred McNeal and Tom McNeal at a wedding in approximately 1970

We had two sons, first Sam, then Hank (and Cathy and her new husband became their godparents).  And at long last, I finished a novel, Goodnight, Nebraska, which Random House brought out.

Tom’s and Laura’s sons Sam (17) and Hank (15) playing #1 doubles together on their high school tennis team
Tom’s and Laura’s sons Sam (17) and Hank (15) playing #1 doubles together on their high school tennis team

Since then, things have gone as smoothly as real life can (which is to say, semi-smoothly).  Our boys are both in high school, work hard at their studies, and are doubles partners on the varsity tennis team (which means they like each other after wins and otherwise say withering things to each other that are mostly inaudible to spectators).  Laura and I have collaborated on four books for young adults, all published by Knopf (the first of these, Crooked, borrows liberally from life at Willard Jr. High).  She published one on her own—Dark Water, nominated for the National Book Award in 2010—and has another coming out this year.  I’ve published a couple more books on my own, one for adults, To Be Sung Underwater, and one for younger (and, I hope, older) readers, Far Far Away, which was nominated for the National Book Award in 2013.  (If you’d like a copy of this or any of our books, just let me know at themcneals@san.rr.com and I’ll bring one gratis to the reunion.)  And we built one more house, the one we’re in now in Coronado.

One last thing.  Our older son, Sam, is coming along with Laura and me to the reunion.  Not sure what his perverse reasons are, but he won’t be talked out of it.  Probably he just wants a glimpse of what it’s like to be in a big room full of curmudgeons who used to look and feel just like he does now—young, grinsome, and on the runway ready for takeoff.  Like us, in other words, fifty years ago.

Tom McNeal

Karen Bachmann Crogan writes:

  1.  Did you marry an SAHS’r? – No, first husband was from Costa Mesa HS
  2. 2.  What is the furthest distance from SAHS that you have lived? after graduation – I currently live about 1300 miles away in Helena, Montana – as a kid I lived in Machias, Maine, almost to New Brunswick, Canada   Karen-Bachmann
    3.  Kids?  Grandkids?  Good decision?  Why? None of either – great decision …  I’m not good parent material
    4.  What happened to your hair? Long and still blonde although a bit darker, and turning silver
    5.  What did you do, are you doing to earn a living? I’ve been a fitness instructor, waitress, bar tender, merchant seaman, technical writer/editor, computer programmer, software analyst, system tester, golf shop staff, data analyst, NOW Retired
    6.  What did you/ do you do to have fun? Hiking, biking, walking, XC skiing, snowshoeing, golf, reading, cooking/eating
    7.  What other continents have you been to and why? Europe in 1965 – got to stay in Athens with Julie Theoharidou 1964 foreign exchange student.. with the USGS, I did get to Midway Island, but that’s not a continent.
    8.  What other Class of 1965’rs do you stay in touch with and why? F2F – Gwen Hollowell Ferguson and Pati Butler Clark .. email – Charlie Ferris (class of ’64), Sharon Kinney, Leslie Carl Coleman … don’t need reason to stay in touch
    9.  We’ve all made many mistakes but what is the best lesson you’ve learned and will you share it? One big one was to ditch my “Generators” but I had to reduce my belongings to one suitcase.
    10.  Favorite SAHS memory? Being hallway monitor and getting to try chocolate covered ants (French class) and listening to the
    11.  Favorite book, movie, place, person, sport, color, astrological sign?  Why? I’ve read too many for a favorite, don’t see too many movies, the Dalai Lama is an inspiration, I watch and play golf, USA!!! Women’s Soccer Team!!!, Scorpio – of course … two or more in one place is a ‘power enclave’….  WHY ask WHY?  Just ‘cuz.

If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.

Karen Ann Bachmann  /  Karen Bachmann Crogan 

Personal Information:
Married to Steve McKelvy 1969-1976 married to Mike Crogan 1984-present
No children two cats (Seamus and Hobbs)


Santa Ana Senior High School, Santa Ana, California (1962-1965)
University of California, Irvine (1965-4/5/67) – Classics major / no degree
Shoreline Community College, Seattle, Washington (1973-1976) – two degrees
AAS in Oceanography Technology and AA in General Education
Mueller College of Holistic Studies, San Diego, California (1985-1992) – Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP), 1000-hour bodywork/massage certification
Helena College of Technology, Helena, Montana (1997-2000) – work-related courses

Occupations (career/professional):
Publishing Assistant, Latin Professor, Irvine, CA(1966-67)
Retail Sales, boutique, Los Gatos, CA (1968-69)
Fitness Instructor, ladies’ gym, Bremerton, WA (1970-71)
Waitress/Prep Cook, La Casa de Oro, Bremerton, WA (1971-72)
Intern/Ocean Lab Assistant, UW Department of Oceanography, Seattle, WA (1974-75)
Geological Field Assistant, US Geological Survey, Seattle, WA (1975-76)
Scientific staff, USGS, Redwood City, CA (1976-77)
Merchant Seaman, UW, Seattle, WA (1977)
Retail Sales, Shrimp Peddler, San Diego, CA (1978)
Lab Assistant, Marine Ecological Consultants, Solana Beach, CA (1978-79)
Technical Writer/Editor, System Development Corporation, San Diego, CA (1979)
Computer Operator, SDC, San Diego, CA (1980)
Computer Programmer, SDC/Burroughs, San Diego, CA (1981-82)
Configuration Control/Document Security, Unisys, San Diego, CA (1982-83)
Systems Analyst, Unisys, San Diego, CA (1984-85)
Computer Programmer/Analyst, Unisys, CA (1985-1992)
Massage Therapist (1992-1994)
Computer Programmer/Analyst, BDM Technologies, Helena, MT (1994-97)
Systems Tester, TRW Information Systems, Helena, MT (1997-2002)
Shop Assistant, Fox Ridge Golf Course, Helena, MT (1998-2003)
USGA Boatwright Intern, MT State Golf Association, Helena, MT (2003-06)
Pro Shop Staff, Green Meadow Country Club, Helena, MT (2003-2006)
Administrative Assistant, MT Office of Public Instruction, Helena, MT (2006-07)
Data Control Specialist, OPI/Accreditation, Helena, MT (2007-2009)
Operations Data Analyst, OPI/Special Education, Helena, MT (2009-12)
Retired, November, 2012


As the resume shows, I’ve moved around a lot, but have pretty much settled down in Montana.  Karen-Bachmann-yard

Although it is a bit too far from the beach, we live on 10 wooded acres almost 1000-feet above the Helena Valley. It’s beautiful, scary during fire season, and can be challenging during the winter. However, a traffic jam consists of waiting for a couple traffic lights or for a herd of cattle to be moved across the road from one pasture to the next. Thanks to email and cell phones, we can stay in touch with everyone – or not.

My “Generators” were abandoned in Seattle back in 1975 when I had to pare down my belongings to a single suitcase and a box. So many memories have been  lost and, yes, forgotten.

I hadn’t planned to come to the reunion. Summers in Montana are precious as winter can last over six months – and Santa Ana in August is NOT my favorite time of year. But I recently lost a dear friend to cancer; she was 53. So I decided to come down and see what’s up with those folks who come.

I seriously hope to see some old HS friends, but they’re on the ‘missing’ list:  Diana Sisk, Michael Ball, Bill & Betty Coon (I did communicate with them a few years back by email:  Betty was in San Francisco and Bill at Washington University, St. Louis, MO); they’ve since gone missing again), Kathy Gade (my co-singer with the Transvaal Trekkers at the Baccalaureate Breakfast), Susan Tamura, .

Some of my friends have died: Sandi Carr, John Eddy, and others I don’t know about. But we are all alive and kicking. Let’s see what the next few years bring besides more aches and pains. Peace, love, joy.

Karen Ann Bachmann

(photo:  my front yard – December, 2014)



Name:                         Karen Bachmann Crogan

Spouse:            Michael A Crogan

Email:              kbcrogan@3riversdbs.net

Retired:           November, 2012

Interests:          Golf, gourmet cooking, fitness walking, XC skiing, snowshoeing, reading



Summer of ’65 brought a trip to Europe where I got to spend almost a month with Julie Theoharidou in Athens (SAHS foreign exchange student in 1964). I came home to attend UCI. My freshman year I joined Young Democrats and helped pick the Anteater (ZOT!) as our mascot. My memory is fuzzy (it was the 60s after all), but that freshman class included other Saints: Pati Butler, Phil Pearlman, Steve Cohee, Dave Ault, and Angie Bidwell. I met future first husband, Steve McKelvy. My sophomore year I changed majors from chemical engineering to Classics before dropping out on 4-5-67 and heading to the Haight-Ashbury.


Steve and I did our best imitation of a yo-yo, moving from the City to Lake Tahoe, back to the City, and then to Los Gatos. Steve was a draftsman working in Sunnyvale and I helped run a boutique. The first of the Silicon Valley tech crashes sent us to Washington State. I earned an Applied Associate of Science Degree in Oceanography Technology as well as an Associates’ Degree in General Education. I enrolled at the University of Washington in the Geology Department, but dropped out within 2 months when I divorced. I worked for both the UW Department of Oceanography and the US Geological Survey. I worked shipboard cruises performing oil/gas exploration in the Gulf of Alaska and the Bering Sea. I got my Merchant Mariners’ document (Z-card) and left as an Ordinary Seaman.


In 1976 I moved to San Diego, California. I started working at a fish market before being hired at a marine ecological consulting firm to count phytoplankton from the waters off San Onofre Nuclear Generating Stations (SONGS). I met my current husband, Mike, at a dojo in Ocean Beach, where he taught tai chi and Kenpo. After a 3-month trip to Hawaii, I left plankton to work for a defense contractor as a technical writer/editor I’ve been a Dodger fan since Brooklyn, but we were married in 1984 on the day the Padres won the National League Pennant – in San Diego. While we were taking our honeymoon trip backpacking across Zion National Park, they lost the Series to Detroit. Oh well.

I attended the 20-year reunion in 1985. At that time Mike was a letter carrier with the US Postal Service. I worked as a computer programmer for Unisys from 1979-1992 working on defense projects for the US Navy. In 1989 I graduated from Mueller College as a Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP), a 1000-hour massage therapy certification.

In 1992 I took the opportunity to request a voluntary lay-off from Unisys.  Mike transferred to the Helena, Montana, post office in January, 1994. Going from the nation’s most perfect weather in San Diego to Montana was an adjustment. Studded snow tires and 4-WD vehicles (we had two when we moved) are essential. The wildlife abounds: moose, elk, deer, bear, cougar – and lots of birds.  The meadowlark’s song rather than the robin is one of the harbingers of spring, as are mountain bluebirds.

I went to work as a computer programmer for BDM Technologies in 1994. I worked on several mainframe-based systems for the Department of Health and Human Services:  welfare, child care, child & protective services.

Strangely enough, I took up golf in Montana as a way to meet other women.  My usual obsessive nature took over.  I not only played golf as often as possible, but also got into the details:  handicaps and rules. I started working in the pro shop on weekends so I could play for free.  Depending on weather, our golf season is April – November. We have played every month of the year and every holiday including Christmas and New Years. Those were exceptions; some years you barely get out before May.

On the work front, BDM was acquired by TRW, and then TRW was acquired by Northrop Grumman.  In 2002, just before that was finalized, I was laid off – just two days after my 55th birthday. I applied for jobs right and left, but didn’t get any interviews.  Was it my age, I wondered?

At this time, I was awarded an internship with the United States Golf Association and worked with our state golf association. It was while working at one of the state tournaments that I was offered a job running the pro shop at the country club. I jumped at the chance, and ended up working there for almost four years.  This was a seasonal job – I collected unemployment every winter – and didn’t pay much.  Finally the need to put money in my retirement savings forced me to consider returning to the traditional workforce.

I came to the Office of Public Instruction (OPI), our state education agency, as an administrative assistant in December, 2006. Six months later I took a position as a data specialist in Accreditation. Two years later I made the move to Special Education as a data analyst. Until my layoff in 2002, retirement was on track for 2010. Obviously that didn’t pan out. Mike retired in October, 2011, and I worked until I turned 65 (2012). We’ll see what the real estate market is like (we have a house on 10 treed acres) and try to sell. We have no firm plans for moving elsewhere –  yet – but we’re starting to look – maybe Oregon.

Hope to see you at another reunion.

David Palomino writes:

My graduation gift was a one way ticket to Hawaii. Bummed around there for six months.

Came back to Santa Ana and joined the Navy to see the world.  Right out of boot camp got orders to Danang Vietnam. vet-david-palomino-2Prior to that went to survival  school Coronado then counter insurgency training Whidbey Island Wa. In Danang I was assigned to the Naval support Activity aboard a small water craft. After 13 months in country got orders to Oklahoma City CLG-5 LigDavid-Palomino-1ht Guided Missile cruiser. Japan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Cruised the South China Sea. Crossed the equator twice. Am a Shellback.

In 1968 met my future wife Nancy in Portland Or. During Rose Festival. Honorable discharge from the Navy in 1970. Married Nancy in 1972. Moved to Portland Or. Hired on to the Portland Fire Bureau in 1974. Have two sons David and Tony. Two grandkids

Felix & Lola and another girl on the way. Grandkids are the best…

Retired from Fire Dept. in 2004 after 30 years. I still sing and enjoy music playing ukulele. I enjoy drawing mainly charcoal.

Looking forward to seeing all the old people  at the reunion. I’ll fill in the blanks when I see you.

David Palomino

Jeri Brandt Welty writes:

I’m sorry I won’t be able to attend the 50th Reunion. My sentiments are that miss the olden days of growing up in Santa Ana, and I am proud to have met so many remarkable people from S.A. High School, Junior High (Willard), and Grammar School (Jefferson). After high school, I attended Chapman University for about a year and a half. I did see Virginia Null there—I remember how beautifully she played the cello at Jefferson Grammar School talent shows. I almost attended the “floating college,” where I would have seen Nancy Herron—coincidentally, we had the same orthodontist in high school when we both wore braces. I couldn’t cut it in college.

In 1967, I married a “Welty” guy, (no known relation to Barbara Welty), ex-Navy Seal- type who was born in Youngstown, Ohio. He was a couple years older than me, and he had attended Garden Grove H.S. I do regret getting married so soon. I was married for seven years, had three beautiful kids, and got divorced, and raised the kids mostly on my own while living and working in Santa Ana and Irvine. I never remarried, but I had my heyday in earlier years.Jeri Brandt

It’s funny where life takes us, due to choices we make—because I could have ended up working for my dad, a physician in Santa Ana on N. Broadway, as his front-office person. (Some of my classmates may have had my dad as their family doctor, and some of you may remember he was elected as O.C. Coroner for a couple terms in the late 50s and early 60s.) Who knows where working for him might have led, but I was headstrong and chose to enter into the corporate world. As luck would have it, I worked for such notable places as The Irvine Company, The Koll Company, Blue Shield, and the County of Riverside. I’ve been involved with administrative and secretarial duties in the areas of Internal Audit; property management; bookkeeping; working with insurance and sales; and in my last job, dealing with the public in matters of elder abuse.Jeri-Brandt-2015

I’ve lived in Murrieta, Riverside County, since 2001, to take care of my mom, who passed away in 2010. I’m so happy to have been able to retire in March 2013. I enjoy staying busy at home with various projects done on the computer. To contribute to not-so-random acts of kindness, and to break away from the monotony of computer work, occasionally I bake cookies for a residential care for the elderly home that formerly took care of my mom. I have six cute grandchildren, and all three of my kids remain happily married.

Jeri Brandt Welty


I had a change of plans & I’m going to attend the dinner at Prego after all,  I will be attending the activity on 8-22-2015.  My bio begins with saying I won’t be going. You know things have changed.  Roz Harrison’s power of persuasion is what did it…
Many thanks, in advance.  I look forward to our gathering.