Carolyn Cronin writes:

Aloha from Kauai.  As I write this note, I am spending 3 weeks on Kauai with my husband of 3 weeks, David Saulibio, who was born and raised on Kauai.  We met on Maui 42 years ago and went separate ways, and reunited one year ago via LinkedIn.

Carolyn Cronin & David Saulibio- newly weds (instead of coming to reunion!)
Carolyn Cronin & David Saulibio- newly weds (instead of coming to reunion!)
I retired 5 years ago from SAUSD as a school nurse of 12 years, and have enjoyed 5 years as a substitute nurse for the preschool program.  I even had the Adult Transition kids who are based at SAHS.  A lot of memories when I would walk through the halls of the original high school we attended.
Carolyn Cronin & David Saulibio- newly weds (instead of coming to reunion!)
Carolyn Cronin & David Saulibio- newly weds (instead of coming to reunion!)

I have moved to Spokane, Washington and will be helping Dave raise his 3 grandsons.  Ed Robinson, a fellow classmate of ours, and my first husband, have a 35 year old daughter who is going to be teaching third grade this year in Portland, OR.  She graduated in 2013 from Columbia University and just recently moved to Portland.  No grandchildren from her yet, but who knows, perhaps next year.

Life has been great and it just keeps getting better.  Dave and I will not be attending the reunion, as we had already rented a lake front home on Diamond Lake in the Spokane area during the time of the reunion.  But I will be thinking of you all and wishing you a wonderful visit.  I could say a lot more, but it would be boring anyway.
Love to you all,
Carolyn Cronin
(P.S.  This time I am keeping my maiden name.)

Linda Filson Woodbury Sends Best, Remembers Nationwide Impact of SAHS for Blind

You guys have been in my thoughts all weekend, every hour.  Know all was so much fun and such a joy to see old friends.

I’m so sorry I couldn’t make it or get video to you in time to let class
know the trend they started countrywide and how it changed the lives of so many blind p persons.  That SA H class was the first and started a flurry of opportunities immediately.  My parents fought to get me there and you guys made it successful.

Linda Filson Woodbury

(see also:

David Ault Liked the Reunion, Reveals Secrets

The 50th Reunion was simply amazing – far exceeding any expectations I might have had prior to the event.  You gave us a rare chance to relive our youth and reconnect with many friends we had not seen in 50 years.  I’m so indebted to the Team for making this possible.  I realize you put in numerous hours of planning to make this event happen; I for one am so grateful for your efforts.  It was so much more than just a dinner – it was the “break-out” groups you developed, the casual lunches together, the tours of SAHS and the down time we had to bond with old friends.  In looking back, I realize we were very fortunate to get the education we received at SAHS and we should all be appreciative of the support given from parents, teachers, church groups and our fellow classmates.  An event like this reminds us that we were lucky to have had a good foundation on which to build our futures.

Coming back to the present, I’m so proud of so many of our classmates and really enjoyed hearing their stories; Tom NcNeal, Doug Nalle (my two best friends in school), John Waters and Karol Wahlberg just to name a few.  Seeing Barbara Denton (my first grade crush), Jane Lindley (my 6th grade crush – but she didn’t know it) and my senior year sweetheart, Sharon Storm.  The evening with the basketball team and coach Collier – priceless!  The veterans tribute was so meaningful.

As you can tell, the event was truly outstanding or we used to say ……..”We all had a bitchin time”.

Thanks again and God willing hope to see you at our 55th!

Dave Ault
SAHS Class of 65

Mr. Snell Says Thank You

Aug. 25, 2015

Santa Ana High’s 50th Reunion was delightful.  We enjoyed the evening very much as we reconnected with students from the Class of 1965.  Chatting and catching up on the many, many happenings of fifty years was lots of fun.  The attention given to every detail was obvious from the first mailings until the lovely dinner at Prego Restorante . . . a super job!!
Congratulations to the committee.  Thank you for including us in your memorable celebration.  We greatly appreciate your thoughtfulness.
Sincerely yours,
Wayne and Gwynne Snell
(Cathy Alleman Packard forwarded the above with this note:
Mr. Snell sent this lovely handwritten note and asked me to send it on to all . . . none of these new technology gadgets for him.  No computer in his home at all.  I’ll send him a snail mail response from all of us.
Our teachers did have a great time.  So glad they came.  I think Mr. Ashbaugh was impressed with the contributions our class made in education, science and technology.  He always wondered if he was able to make any lasting contribution to his high school students scientific curiosity and mental growth.  He really didn’t know how much he influenced us with his enthusiasm and intelligence.  Now he does.  That really pleases me.
Just sent the”left behind” beautiful Class Pictures that Arline made on to their owners.  Of the over 100  classmates attending the dinner, only 12 photos were not taken.  We all looked pretty good 50 years ago!

Denis Velarde writes:

I will be in town at Ronnie Cardiel’s house for the weekend.  Don’t know if we will make the dinner however.  Hopefully we will make it to some of the festivities.  50 years is so long, a lifetime for some!  So sad to see the names of those that have left us.

Denis Velarde & friends working on old cars.
Denis Velarde & friends working on old cars.
After high school, I bummed around some and was sent an invitation to be in the army.  I promptly joined the Air Force, spent time in Las Vegas, Texas and finally Guam during the Vietnam Nam war.  While on Guam I found my Montana girl, Charmaine and in 3 months we were married. Turned out to be the best move I ever made.  Went through an apprenticeship in Santa Ana and became a union electrician.In the early 70’s we moved to Arroyo Grande, California, split 10 acres of land with Bobbie Bunch and we both built our homes and raised our families (Bobbie and Jenine had 2 girls and we had a girl and a boy).
I worked on Nuclear power plants,solar plants,installed many traffic signals and spent the last 16 years of employment at Cal Poly as the Electrical Supervisor,retired in 2013.
My life was almost ideal until 2014 when we lost our beautiful and talented daughter Danielle to Cancer.  I still am dealing with it and most likely always will.
My son Darin and his wife and 2 1/2 kids( another soon) :-) now live in San Diego where he is CTO at Sony.
Char and I still live on 5 acres in Arroyo Grande where she raises club calves for 4 H projects and I play with my old cars.
Denis Velarde

Gale Grall Moore writes:

I was so surprised to see so much info about so many people.  I had no idea.  Now I’m a bit late but will add my two cents.

Gale Grall Moore
Gale Grall Moore
I married in 1972 to a great guy I met at Western Airlines in Los Angeles.  We moved to Seattle and had two wonderful girls.  Our lives revolved around our girls and 4H.  Their dad and I would take our vacations to coincide with the King County Fair and all the 4H activities.  It was a great way to raise kids.
But, alas the marriage didn’t last.  Western Airlines became Delta Airlines and in 1993 closed the Seattle office.  The oldest girl headed off to college and mom and youngest daughter headed for Salt Lake City to follow the paycheck.  I’d thought I’d gone to the ends of the earth. Little did I know what a beautiful place this is.  I live 13 miles from Snowbird and Alta, 5 minutes from wonderful hiking canyons.  I have turned into a National Park junkie.   Between international travel with Delta and living here… I’ve had a wonderful life.
Florinda Islas Bailey is my tether to Orange County.  Louann (old habits die hard) and I are very different people now, but we can pick up our silliness and camaraderie in just a few minutes of being together.  I’m also very close to my brother who lives in Orange.  Between visiting both of them I have been able to keep up with the changes of our childhood stomping ground… and what changes !!!
And I see Jefferson has been mentioned.  I’m anxious to see Jane, Mary, and Wanda.. and everyone else.  I used to play football with the boys at Willard… Tommy McNeal, Doug Nalle, Dave Ault..and ??  I think we were 8 or 9.  I was a ruff and tumble girl !
I retired from Delta in 2005 but got restless.  I went to work at an in-house travel department for locum tenens.  I’m now down to 3 days a week and with a big house… am kept busy.  When not working I’m playing pickleball, or in the mountains.
Well, time to lose 10 pounds in the next 4 days !..haha ..Can’t wait to see everyone.
Gale Grall Moore

Sara Meeker writes:

Still feel and act younger. Guess I’ll always be 18. Ha!

I married and left California in 1967, lived in North Dakota and Minnesota and had 2 children. Timmy is now 39 and Natalie is 37. Divorced my husband and started over again. Had 2 more children, Joe who is 29 and Melody who is 27. I have 9 grandchildren, all boys except for 1 beautiful granddaughter. Most live here in Utah, but have 2 in California. I’m married for the last time to a very sweet and wonderful man. He has 5 children so I inherited more kids, grandkids and great grandkids. Its never a dull moment around here.
Sara Meeker
Sara Meeker
I work at our local hospital as a registration clerk and love my job. I was a pharmacy tech for 4 years but it was just too stressful. All those pretty colored pills (just kidding). I gave up most of my bad habits 16 years ago but just couldn’t kick the food thing. Getting weight off isn’t as easy as putting it on. I’m not giving up tho. I live in the north-east corner of Utah where the dinosaurs roamed and its very beautiful here. I’ve lived here for the better part of 30 years, with a brief stay in Burbank for 5 years. If you are ever in Utah, this is the place to visit. You’ll find me at the local hospital behind door #2 ( I know it sounds like a game show ) and I will be so happy to see an old friend.
I’m still a talker, love life, full of the dickens and still feel young on the inside. My hair is long, its silver now, I’m a little heavier than I’d like(damn those hormones) but life is good. You know I think we were really the lucky ones to have grown up in Santa Ana when it was still small. I miss everyone and hope some of you will want to let me hear all your news.
I cherish memories of our days at Santa Ana High, especially the dances with the best band around the “Chantays” with drummer Bob Welch, (sorry fella’s, can’t remember the rest of your names). So many wonderful memories, some sad ones too. The loss of our dear friend Jerry Hartsock. I miss him so much. President Kennedy being shot. We had to deal with alot when we were young.
How about some of the happier times? All the cokes and fry’s at El Don’s. The Friday or Saturday night dances at The Rendevous. Lemon Heights (parking and necking).  Yep, those were the good ole’ days… Hope to hear from anyone that cares to remember those times.
Sara Meeker
Vernal, Utah

Barbara Welty Nelson writes:

I am very excited about our upcoming reunion, as I have not been able to attend many in the past. Still find it hard to believe it has been 50 years since we graduated.

Following graduation, I attended Santa Ana College and in Spring ’67, the Semester at Sea. I then went to UCLA, where Sharon Storm and I were roommates on pledge porch of the Kappa Alpha Theta house!

I received my teaching credential in Elementary Education and taught 3rd and 4th grade in Oakland, CA.  After 4 years, I decided to take a 2-year leave from teaching. I wanted to  experience living in Norway, as my Grandma Welty had immigrated from there.  I worked as a secretary and became active in the American Lutheran Church,  where I met my husband, Dean, from Decorah, Iowa. When he heard I was from Santa Ana, California, Dean asked if I knew Bryn Henderson, a Luther College classmate and friend!!! Small world!!! Dean and I became engaged in Oslo, and when we were deciding where to begin our married life, Dean said he had always wanted to live in California and I was his ticket!

Rather than returning to my teaching job in Oakland, Dean and I chose Santa Barbara, and I taught at the Christian School of Santa Barbara until our son Tobin was born in 1980, when I became a stay-at-home mom. With job changes for Dean, we continued to move south. Our daughter Megan was born in Huntington Beach in 1983, and in 1997, we did something we said we would never do … we moved from San Diego to Decorah, population 8500, and home of Luther College, where Dean worked until retiring. With our kids being 14 and 17 at the time, we did pray about this move, and they said let’s do it. Decorah has definitely become home for me, although I no longer want to be here during the winter months!

Barbara Welty Nelson family
Barbara Welty Nelson family

In 1988 I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer, and although it isn’t something I would have chosen, there have been many blessings from it. I am now 28 years cancer-free.

I am very thankful that I am finally a grandma to 2 precious grandkids, 3 and 2 ½ years. Because they live a distance away – Istanbul, Turkey and North Carolina – I am always happy when we get to travel to spend some extended time with them. (As our son is with the State Department, they relocate every few years.

We do love to travel … but I wish we lived closer to our kids/grandkids.) Our family photo was taken in July 2014.

I love to quilt, which I have been doing since 1970, and I am very involved in our church, Bible study, and Moms in Prayer.

It will be wonderful to reconnect with our classmates! Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Barbara Welty Nelson

Susan Frederickson Gibson Heins writes:

Just sent Sandy my check. My email address is I was Susan Frederickson.  I married Chris Gibson from our class. We divorced but had two amazing sons and 6 grandchildren . He moved to Oregon and had twin boys at 50 with his present wife.  He had back surgery yesterday so don’t look for him.

Susan Frederickson Gibson Heins
Susan Frederickson Gibson Heins

My husband Ed of 18 years will be attending.  We live in Huntington Beach. I still do hair in northern SA on Fridays and volunteer for the Assistance League in HB. I haven’t kept in touch with anyone from high school so will be looking over the Ariel to refresh my memory.

I plan to drop by SAHS Friday after work for the tour. Please send me any new info.

Susan Heins

Dan McMichael writes:

I worked summers throughout SAHS teaching children and adults tennis for Santa Ana Parks and Recreation Dept.  After high school I studied at Monmouth College (Illinois), Santa Ana Junior College (AA degree) and the University of Utah (BS degree) playing competitive tennis at each stop.

 I came back to Santa Ana after my studying days were over but job opportunities were slim in So. California.  With two friends we drove to Dallas, Texas to vacation and look for employment.  With my tennis experience, I caught a job with Dallas Parks & Recreation where I learned there were 500 tennis courts and 45 recreation centers.  It was the perfect marriage for my tennis and sports experience.  Twenty eight and a half years later, I retired and moved to Forest Grove, Oregon to be close to family members.
Dan McMichael
Dan McMichael

I enjoy sports of all kinds, movies, and going to concerts.

In 1997 my father and I went to Germany where he fought in the Battle of the Bulge earning a bronze star.  He was hoping to find his foxhole.  We enjoyed a trip up the Rhine River and Octoberfest in Munich.  Dad passed away in 2003 but I have many fond memories of that trip.
Favorite SAHS memory:  Co-captain of varsity tennis team that went undefeated in Sunset League play.  This team reached the finals of CIF State Tournament losing only to Santa Monica High School.
Present:  Single, no children, RATS!
Look forward to seeing classmates of SAHS class of ’65 at reunion!
See you at reunion later this month!
Dan McMichael
P.S.  Dan is still living in the ’60’s; has no computer or email.  His sister Mary Whiteley (SAHS class of 1969) is using her computer to send this.

Florinda (Louanne) Islas Bailey writes:

Florinda (Louanne) Islas Bailey writes:

Everyone’s post is so interesting.  What an amazing, talented class of 1965.
After high school I worked for the Postal Service for 44 years (only suppose to be for the summer while i went to school).  I had an office in San Bruno, Washington DC and Santa Ana while working as the Director of Marketing.
Florinda Islas Bailey, husband
Florinda Islas Bailey, husband

I have two grown children and 2 grandchildren.  My husband and I just celebrated our 43rd wedding anniversary. We raised our family in Huntington Beach and I’m fortunate to have my children close by.

Since I’ve been retired I’ve spent time traveling throughout the world. Love it!  Just returned from Machu Picchu and Galapagos.  Never was one for physical activity in High School but now enjoy many outdoor sports/activities.
Dennis Velarde, Gale Grall, Bobby Bunch, Ronnie Cardiel & Florinda Islas
Dennis Velarde, Gale Grall, Bobby Bunch, Ronnie Cardiel & Florinda Islas
I have kept in touch with Gale Grall Moore and Rosalynda Ortiz Harrison, Ronnie Cardiel and until he passed away Bobby Bunch. One of my dear friends in HS who I would like to see is Pam Crozier.
While I don’t like to share my personal life on social media I am on Facebook and have been fortunate to connect with several of our classmates.  I’m Blessed to have had such a wonderful healthy life and look forward to seeing everyone in a few weeks!
Florinda Islas Bailey

Lou Baron writes:

Start the conversation … I like that theme!  I’ll start with a little about my journey from 1965 Orange County (I now recognize what a sheltered, halcyon time it was to grow up) to 2015 Sacramento, and conclude with what I’m about today.

Lou Baron, x_Gail Lehman, Mike McCord
Lou Baron, x_Gail Lehman, Mike McCord


Graduated with a BS in biochem and a BA in psych from Cal State Fullerton in 1975 … on and off it took me seven schools and 10 years.  During that period my father died and I, as the eldest, suddenly became responsible for handling his business interests.

After college I got my start in the corporate world working at Beckman Instruments in a science based job that I loved; during that time I shared an apartment with Bob Fainbarg in nearby Park Newport on the Back Bay – if I remember our theme back then was work hard and play hard.

Eventually, work took me to Sacramento, where I later married and settled down to raise two girls and a boy. My oldest, Michelle, is a professor at Hobart and William Smith in New York; the next, Pamela graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design and is an up-and-coming illustrator living in Oakland (; and my youngest, Matt, is still at Sac State studying nutrition.  This past May my granddaughter, Ellie, was born in New York and suddenly I’m holding babies again … they are great.

Lou Baron, Family
Lou Baron, Family

After 17 years of marriage I divorced.  Committed to mitigating the effect on the children, I focused on their best interests and today my ex and I are good friends and occasionally even go on vacation with the children and their companions.  For the past eight years I’ve been dating a woman I met online. She is an attorney with a penchant for travel, adventure, knitting, and me.

I still live in Sacramento; my home is across the street from the American River and almost daily I enjoy a run or a bike ride on the beautiful, tree lined river bike trail.

My business life had been somewhat diverse; after Beckman I worked in loan underwriting, real estate appraisal, retail sales (I owned a One Hour MotoPhoto store), and stock and futures trading (unfortunately a disaster).  The last 20 years, though, I’ve been a full time real estate investor (primarily in small commercial and multi-family properties) in partnership with my younger brother, Mike.

Over the years I’ve had the good fortune to travel to some interesting places, for instance the Pyramids, Machu Picchu, Paris, Tel Aviv, and Istanbul.  I continue to travel and I’m planning a trip to Costa Rica later this year and to Cuba in early 2016.

Aside from children, the most gratifying investment I have ever made, in terms of time and effort, has been learning to swing dance.  The Lindy Hop community is worldwide and I can usually find a place to dance no matter where I travel.  I’ve danced in Chicago, New York, San Diego, and Orange County (at the Atomic Ballroom).  If you’re a follow and like swing dancing, find me; I’d love to dance with you at the reunion!

My other passions today revolve around real estate and finance, exercise, nutrition, longevity research, and giving back to society (wonderful to see various classmates who have done so in a significant way, kudos to you).

I remained friends with Craig Juratsch, Bob Fainbarg, and Mike McCord and we see each other periodically.  I’ve also visited with Don Baker, who I had for chemistry.  I couldn’t resist including the following “then” photo; you should recognize three of us from our class.
But there were so many more classmates who provided tons of entertainment, encouragement, and competition in the classroom, at lunch time, in sports teams, and outside of school; and I really look forward to seeing many of them again.

If the varied and interesting “Here’s Wassup!!” bios are any indication, it should be an interesting, memorable, and fun reunion. 50 years! Wow!  See you soon!

Lou Baron

Phyllis Aldrich Hallstrom writes:

Wow I can’t believe it’s been 50 years! Seems like yesterday! So happy I can still remember those fun and carefree days of skipping lunch and driving to the original In’N’Out on Cubbon & Main, sneaking a smoke in the girl’s bathroom and waiting for Mr. Rollo Beck to round us all up from our cars before school started.  So many fond memories of good friends and fun times.

I married my high school sweetheart right after graduation on July 3, 1965.

Phyllis Aldrich Duane Hallstrom wedding 1965
Phyllis Aldrich Duane Hallstrom wedding 1965

We had two boys Joel and Jason. We were married nearly 40 years until Duane lost his battle with cancer in April of 2004.  I worked for the Orange Unified School District and retired in 1989 to stay home and spoil the first grandson, who is now 25 years old and in the Navy, stationed at Coronado San Diego, not a bad place to be!


Phyllis A granddaughter
Phyllis A granddaughter
Phyllis Aldrich sons & grand daughter
Phyllis Aldrich sons & grand daughter

One more grandson and two lovely granddaughters followed.


Duane and I stayed in the neighborhood purchasing a home in Park Santiago on Poinsettia Street. Our neighbors included many SAINTS the likes of Dennis Hill, David Scott and Kathy Mobley DeFord were just a few.

I am looking forward to reconnecting with old friends and making new memories see you all soon!

Phyllis Aldrich Hallstrom

Sharon Bartosh Kinney writes:

Geesh….50 years…I can hardly remember that far back!!

I taught school for 34 years and now have my dream job working as a vet tech for my vet of 30 years. Our son was born in 1980 and married a wonderful Ohio girl just three years ago. I’m definitely anxious to be a grandmother.

In ’99, I defeated breast cancer. I’m pleased to see every birthday.

For 43 years, I have raised, bred, shown, hunted and judged champion salukis (hounds).

SharonBartosh Kinney+Buster+Callie - champion salukis (hounds)
SharonBartosh Kinney+Buster+Callie – champion salukis (hounds)

I’ve judged hounds throughout the USA and Europe (England, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Australia) in the past 25 years. My pinnacle assignment was in ’03 judging 257 salukis in Lexington, Kentucky. I’m loving training my Aussie in agility.

Sharon Bartosh Kinney 2003
Sharon Bartosh Kinney 2003

I married in 1970 and still retain the original model.  Jim is an architect and built our dream home in east Orange.

Sharon Bartosh Kinney Family
Sharon Bartosh Kinney Family

My USMC Dad lived until 91 and we are blessed to still have both Moms kicking @ 92 and 96. I play duplicate bridge to keep my mind active and working. We are inaugural season ticket holders for the Anaheim DUCKS (hockey) and love to follow the boys throughout the playoffs.

Traveling is my biggest passion (must be ingrained from my Dad) and East Africa and Israel were our finest trips. I doubt that I will ever stop teaching and presently teach 4 year olds in Sunday school for my LDS church. I am blessed every day of my life!!

See you on the 22nd!!

Sharon Bartosh Kinney


Steven Johnson writes:

Steven Miles Johnson……US AIR FORCE VIETNAM 70-71…….I plan on attending the veterans meet up Aug-22.. Attended Hoover,Willard,Santa Ana High, special thanks to Dennis Hill for getting up our third grade photo.  Miss Bigelows row third  pic class. John Hunt very close friend..Cub Scouts Pack-124….his mom was our den mother. I was in Vietnam May 70-71..notified by letter from parents on John Hunts KIA. I worked in transportation,was a heavy duty maintenance mechanic (motor pool).  I am currently still working in automotive business Subaru/GM parts in Orange County

Steven Johnson in Motor Pool, Vietnam  US Air Force 1970-71

Steven Johnson in Motor Pool, Vietnam US Air Force 1970-71

Family members deceased–Father Mother Sister. I am not married.
Still living in Santa Ana. I am still working full time.  Not much traveling due to work.  I bicycle to work each day to Fullerton 32 miles round trip.  I rode the 100 mile mammoth  century 100 miles in 2010.  Bucket list is to ride down PCH coast San Francisco to Los Angeles in the future.
On my physical appearance hair loss  Ha Ha!! I shave my head every other day!  I have hearing aids eye glasses through the VA.  Other  than these 2 issues I think I am in fairly good shape for a 68 year old.
I do have some pics from military service could try to scan or bring to meetup?? Steven-Johnson-1 Steven-Johnson--2 Steven-Johnson-5 Steven-Johnson-6
As for the reunion possibly consider going but
hearing issue is kind of holding me back.  Hearing aids help but noise in rooms with lots for people is sometimes a challenge.  The name I go by is Steven.

Steven Johnson
Steven Johnson
See you soon.
Steven Johnson

Sharon Condon Curry writes:

After I graduated, I worked at The Paulo Drive in, State Farm Ins when it was on 17th St. in Santa Ana. Also attended Orange Coast JC.  During this time I met my future husband.  He was in Marines.  We relocated to Petaluma for a couple of years while he attended Santa Rosa JC.  I worked part time for Petaluma Realty handling rentals.  The other part of the day I had short, temp jobs.  One was as a “chicken sexer” at on hatchery.  Yes.  It’s a job.  Someone has to determine the male from the female just after they are a few hours old.

In 1972, we moved on to Humboldt County.  In particular Arcata CA and Humboldt State University.  He continued school and I worked for ten years at HSU in the Theatre and Film Department as the Department Secretary. I got involved in plays and was a major.   Somewhere in there we divorced.

I decided to take a leave of absence for a year to see what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.  I travelled for two months across Europe with a girlfriend.

Upon my return I met up with my brother at the Houston Astrodome as he was Marvin Gaye’s Tour Manager for awhile.  That experience was the change in my career direction.  I knew I wanted to work in the entertainment business somehow.

I quit HSU.  I worked for the Marvin Gaye production company for awhile.  Then I found a job on a television game show that was just starting:  Face The Music with Ron Ely (one of the Tarzans!).   Within that production company, I was  a production assistant, script supervisor then Assistant Director supervising post production with the Director.  I met tons of people and it is all about who you know and if you are good they refer you.  I was referred to work the 1983 US Festival in Devore CA, there I met an HBO Tech Manager who hired me to work in his company- NEP.  I moved to Pittsburg and worked for a television mobile unit (TV trucks that do sports, concerts, etc).   I was loaned out to MTV to work on their 1st Annual MTV VMA’s at Radio City.  This because of my experience with the US Festival…. lots of cameras, editing, etc.  I worked the 2nd and 3rd MTV Video Music Awards as well.

I was referred to the NBC Olympic unit to be a Broadcast Manager in Seoul 1988 Summer Games.  I handled the broadcast studio in Olympic Park working with Bryant Gumbel and Bob Costas.

Sharon Condon Curry Olympics:  Beach Volleyball in Sydney
Sharon Condon Curry Olympics: Beach Volleyball in Sydney

After that experience I went on to do four more Olympics: Barcelona, Atlanta, Sydney and one Winter Olympics: 1992 Salt Lake City.  In between the Olympics, I worked at a corporate travel company, Maritz.  I was the Director of Production Operations for 10 years.  I took leaves of absence to do the Olympics.

My boss finally told me I had to choose because it was a hardship for him to lose me for two months. So I became a corporate manager.  I loved my job.  And the Olympics has me on the substitute list to be called if someone gets sick or has to bail for whatever reason.  I chose the corporate career doing business meetings, events, videos, car launches for clients like Nissan, Toyota, and other automotive companys.  Also Taco Bell, Oracle, Apple, etc.  Supervising about 150 production and creative people on tons of projects.

In 2008, the financial crash brought the demise of my production business unit at Maritz.  150 of us were let go.  I now am a freelance contractor still producing events, meetings, training for mostly automotive clients.   I work a little less because I want more down time…semi-retired?!   I now work golf tournaments.  Such a life!!   As I write this summary of my career which I’ve not done before, I realize how lucky I have been to have had these jobs.  I am very thankful.

I never remarried nor did I have children.   Pets have come and gone.  I have a cat right now.  I live in downtown Fullerton and love it.  I owned a home in Anaheim for 12 years.  Sold it 2 years ago, made lots of $$ and downsized.  I am enjoying “less stuff.”

I loved my time at SAHS.  I hung out with Patty Davis and Susan Eagloski.  We have lost touch.  I am hoping they might go to the reunion.

I look forward to seeing the other 1965ers that I know and, of course, who may remember me.

Sharon Condon Curry

Doug Nalle writes:

He is in the middle of the wine bottling from the 2014 crop and that’s pretty much 24/7.  He will finish Friday, Aug. 21, get in his car with wife Lee and drive like a maniac to make it to the Reunion!

Doug Nalle takes a good look at his Nalle Vineyard operations!
Doug Nalle takes a good look at his Nalle Vineyard operations!

 We will be so glad to see him!  In the meantime, his website and years of marketing have yielded some text and photos, as follows:

Nalle Winery is about as “family” as it gets. Son Andrew runs the joint,  Doug Lee Andrew Nalle while father and mother Doug and Lee Nalle give wisdom from 31 years of winery experience. Younger son Sam, a scientist in San Francisco, gives encouragement and support. Doug Nalle 85FamilyCrestSquirrels pdf (2)Doug nalle 2 (2)Doug Nalle 3Doug Nalle 4Doug Nalle 5Then there’s our bevy of friends who magically appear at the right moment to lend a hand. Steve Edgar, from Arizona, still shows up for crush, and has, since 1991.

Doug Nalle
Doug Nalle

Our winery and home rest on land that has been in Lee’s family, the Henderlongs, since 1927. Her cousins, the Saini family, run the vineyard. In addition to the estate Zinfandel, Carignane, Cabernet and Merlot vineyard, two other local growers, Bernier Farms and Hopkins River Ranch, provide Zinfandel, Carignane, Petite Sirah, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay with a smile and a handshake.

Doug Nalle