2 thoughts on “Bill Coon, from Shanghai”

  1. Hi Bill…last time we communicated you were in St. Louis. I wondered what your next destination would be and now I know.

    You look well… and maybe we will get to Shanghai. My husband, Mike, is Vietnam vet and wants to visit. It’s not far to China once in SE Asia.

    Is sister, Betty, still in San Francisco? We had some email back/forth for short while, but nothing since.

    1. Hi Bill — remember me? Karen’s cousin, Barbara….. was doodling around – looked for Karen’s email – haven’t talked to her in years – literally — then found you — just wanted to say Hi and hope all is well. We still live in the boondocks in Illinois –
      my grandchildren are the deer I feed daily – nothing exciting going on – just more or less existing — I talk to Patti and Roberta and that is the extent of the family. Take Care – great picture.

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