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Sara Meeker writes:

Still feel and act younger. Guess I’ll always be 18. Ha!

I married and left California in 1967, lived in North Dakota and Minnesota and had 2 children. Timmy is now 39 and Natalie is 37. Divorced my husband and started over again. Had 2 more children, Joe who is 29 and Melody who is 27. I have 9 grandchildren, all boys except for 1 beautiful granddaughter. Most live here in Utah, but have 2 in California. I’m married for the last time to a very sweet and wonderful man. He has 5 children so I inherited more kids, grandkids and great grandkids. Its never a dull moment around here.
Sara Meeker
Sara Meeker
I work at our local hospital as a registration clerk and love my job. I was a pharmacy tech for 4 years but it was just too stressful. All those pretty colored pills (just kidding). I gave up most of my bad habits 16 years ago but just couldn’t kick the food thing. Getting weight off isn’t as easy as putting it on. I’m not giving up tho. I live in the north-east corner of Utah where the dinosaurs roamed and its very beautiful here. I’ve lived here for the better part of 30 years, with a brief stay in Burbank for 5 years. If you are ever in Utah, this is the place to visit. You’ll find me at the local hospital behind door #2 ( I know it sounds like a game show ) and I will be so happy to see an old friend.
I’m still a talker, love life, full of the dickens and still feel young on the inside. My hair is long, its silver now, I’m a little heavier than I’d like(damn those hormones) but life is good. You know I think we were really the lucky ones to have grown up in Santa Ana when it was still small. I miss everyone and hope some of you will want to let me hear all your news.
I cherish memories of our days at Santa Ana High, especially the dances with the best band around the “Chantays” with drummer Bob Welch, (sorry fella’s, can’t remember the rest of your names). So many wonderful memories, some sad ones too. The loss of our dear friend Jerry Hartsock. I miss him so much. President Kennedy being shot. We had to deal with alot when we were young.
How about some of the happier times? All the cokes and fry’s at El Don’s. The Friday or Saturday night dances at The Rendevous. Lemon Heights (parking and necking). ¬†Yep, those were the good ole’ days… Hope to hear from anyone that cares to remember those times.
Sara Meeker
Vernal, Utah