David Ault Liked the Reunion, Reveals Secrets

The 50th Reunion was simply amazing – far exceeding any expectations I might have had prior to the event.  You gave us a rare chance to relive our youth and reconnect with many friends we had not seen in 50 years.  I’m so indebted to the Team for making this possible.  I realize you put in numerous hours of planning to make this event happen; I for one am so grateful for your efforts.  It was so much more than just a dinner – it was the “break-out” groups you developed, the casual lunches together, the tours of SAHS and the down time we had to bond with old friends.  In looking back, I realize we were very fortunate to get the education we received at SAHS and we should all be appreciative of the support given from parents, teachers, church groups and our fellow classmates.  An event like this reminds us that we were lucky to have had a good foundation on which to build our futures.

Coming back to the present, I’m so proud of so many of our classmates and really enjoyed hearing their stories; Tom NcNeal, Doug Nalle (my two best friends in school), John Waters and Karol Wahlberg just to name a few.  Seeing Barbara Denton (my first grade crush), Jane Lindley (my 6th grade crush – but she didn’t know it) and my senior year sweetheart, Sharon Storm.  The evening with the basketball team and coach Collier – priceless!  The veterans tribute was so meaningful.

As you can tell, the event was truly outstanding or we used to say ……..”We all had a bitchin time”.

Thanks again and God willing hope to see you at our 55th!

Dave Ault
SAHS Class of 65

2 thoughts on “David Ault Liked the Reunion, Reveals Secrets”

  1. Hello Dave,

    Great review, you make me wish I had made the effort to go the extra mile to be there. I am amazed that Coach Paul was there. I remember Coach needing a ride home. He piled in my 1950 Pontiac SilverStreek with half a dozen of us. Gave him a wild ride. I have always wondered where you went off to for the last 50 years. I have communicated with Bill Coon who is in China. Glad you had a great time. If you like email me at jmrock1@aol.com.
    Pura Vida

    1. Indeed! John, please don’t make it so hard for us next time! Now that we have your email, we can keep you in the loop. Would love to have Bill Coon’s email address in China, too.

      While I’m at it, how about sending in your “Here’s Whassup!” bio and photos?! Send to SAHSreunion1965@gmail.com.

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