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Denis Velarde writes:

I will be in town at Ronnie Cardiel’s house for the weekend.  Don’t know if we will make the dinner however.  Hopefully we will make it to some of the festivities.  50 years is so long, a lifetime for some!  So sad to see the names of those that have left us.

Denis Velarde & friends working on old cars.
Denis Velarde & friends working on old cars.
After high school, I bummed around some and was sent an invitation to be in the army.  I promptly joined the Air Force, spent time in Las Vegas, Texas and finally Guam during the Vietnam Nam war.  While on Guam I found my Montana girl, Charmaine and in 3 months we were married. Turned out to be the best move I ever made.  Went through an apprenticeship in Santa Ana and became a union electrician.In the early 70’s we moved to Arroyo Grande, California, split 10 acres of land with Bobbie Bunch and we both built our homes and raised our families (Bobbie and Jenine had 2 girls and we had a girl and a boy).
I worked on Nuclear power plants,solar plants,installed many traffic signals and spent the last 16 years of employment at Cal Poly as the Electrical Supervisor,retired in 2013.
My life was almost ideal until 2014 when we lost our beautiful and talented daughter Danielle to Cancer.  I still am dealing with it and most likely always will.
My son Darin and his wife and 2 1/2 kids( another soon) :-) now live in San Diego where he is CTO at Sony.
Char and I still live on 5 acres in Arroyo Grande where she raises club calves for 4 H projects and I play with my old cars.
Denis Velarde