Kathy Flynn Tsakas writes:

Hi Friends!  How nice it is to hear about you and what has happened in the last 50 years!  It’s been quite a ride!  I finished nursing school via Hawaii and LA County-USC Medical Center and enjoyed years as a Registered Nurse.  Always loved to travel and being a Stewardess was fun.  Then I took an advanced course in Psychiatric Nursing of Adolescents in Edinburgh, Scotland. While there, I met my husband, a Professor of Genetics at the University of Athens, and we lived in Greece for 17 years.

The marriage lasted a long time, but not forever, and I am now divorced and living near Boston working in health care.   I’m very happy to have my two children and their families living near me.

I will always be thankful to our teachers at Santa Ana High who made all the difference in the world to me then and whose kindness gave me resilience in my life , Mr. Anderson, Mr. Leecing, and Mr. Ashbaugh .  And to the friends I’ve lost touch with,  we had fun especially in The Miracle Worker and Debs & Esq, we helped each other out, and I wish you all the best.

Kathleen Flynn Tsakas
Best e-mail address: kftsakas@yahoo.com

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