Sandy Beatty Brummett writes:

I had a wonderful time at Santa Ana High School.  I met Earl in my Junior year.   He was in the Army and went to Vietnam in 1966. I got a job at Disneyland and had a great summer with my friends.  In  1967 we  married we  went to Germany for a year.  It was a wonderful year, we traveled, shopped, lived in our own apt near the Army base. Great experience!!

I worked for Bank of America for 26 years. I  went out on LTD in 1989 with major bladder problems.

We started our family in 1972, with a beautiful  little girl.  We had a lot of good years.  Then divorced in 1981.

Sandy Beatty Brummett,  Gary Brummett
Sandy Beatty Brummett, Gary Brummett
Sandy Beatty''s twin grand daughter cheerleaders.
Sandy Beatty”s twin grand daughter cheerleaders.
Gina, Kaci are Sandy Beatty Brummett's two beautiful 15 year old grand daughters
Gina, Kaci are Sandy Beatty Brummett’s two beautiful 15 year old grand daughters

I was single for 5 years then found Gary Brummett, from Orange.  He went to Orange High School  and graduated in 1960.  We have done lots of traveling in the 29 years we have been married. We love to cruise.  He is a wonderful person.

I do a lot of volunteer work  for Hospice and Dialysis work for at St Elizabeth St Joseph in Orange.

I also belong to Orange Emblem Club in Orange.  We are affiliated with Orange Elk’s Lodge. Our Club supports 19 Charities every year.  I’ve been a member for 16 years.  I’ve been Treasurer for 7 years for the club.

I went to a concert at GG Elks Lodge recently and I ran into the Chantay’s.  Bob Welch was sitting watching the show 4 Chantays band members were upstage playing R & R songs from high school days “pipeline”  It was fantastic.  I got up my nerve and asked Bob’s wife if she’d take my picture with Bob.

Sandy Beatty & Bob Marley (class of '93 & Chantays) re-connect
Sandy Beatty & Bob Welch (class of ’93 & Chantays) re-connect

She did, I explained I knew Bob from High school he was class of 63, I was from class of 65.  I told Bob we were having our 50th class reunion next month and I wanted a picture of him to show my classmates.  So my daughter posted it for me on facebook.  I was on cloud nine all day!!

Then they had the new version of Beach Boys that played a lot of songs, my friends and I sung our hearts out.  I got some pic of the Chantay’s playing and Beach Boys singing. Chantays- Beach BoysChantays_Beach Boys

They were great!!

I’ll send the one by phone you can post on my bio page.

Sandy Beatty Brummett

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