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Theodora M. Christensen writes:

Wow, can’t believe 50 years have slipped past. Amazing!  Having read the “bios” posted already, we certainly cannot be turning 60 something !!

You all sound so full of ‘get up and go’ and have filled these years in so many different ways !!

O.k. then, I will fill in a few of my years since graduation:
Having worked at Deckert Surgical for my 6th period work experience class under the guidance of Mr. Riordon. — Moved to Texas for awhile and then came back and started working at “Deckert’s” again.  John Roqumore and Dennis Hill worked there as well at that time.  Dale and I married and have 3 great daughters.  Christina is a  Partner Dr. for Kaiser Orange County,  Karen is an attorney in Las Vegas and Julie works for Famous Daves BBQue.  We have  7 grandchildren.  I opened and ran a branch store of  “Deckert’s” in Diamond Bar, Ca. where the girls grew up.

Somewhere along the way-we took a turn that led to seperate lives.  We are great friends and have always shared in parenting our girls.  I worked and help run a plastics reprocessing co. in Santa Ana learning all there was to know about thermoplastics and how it becomes plastic pipe–(a huge leap from medical supplies)–  Besides being a business partner I became Co-Owner and a new marriage was born  as well as a new company.  Allegis Pipe, Inc. was begun in 1994 and built it’s manufacturing plant in Las Vegas, Nv.  Allegis Pipe became the 3rd largest ABS DWV pipe manufacturing co. in the western United States.

We sold Allegis Pipe in 2000 and basically retired.  My next new love was found in Wild Mustang Horses.  I became involved with a wild horse group in Las Vegas that managed the Red Rock Canyon herd.  I adopted 2 wild mares–one with a 3 day old filly and the other foaling 1 month  later.  What an experience to train wild horses.  I was 55 then and thought all I would have to do was ‘love’ them.  Fooled me–since I had NEVER trained a horse, none the less, a WILD horse!   Mustangs are the greatest.  My 4 “girls”  all became gymkhana horses, which was quite a success story.  In 2007, we moved to Leona Valley, Ca. (No. Los Angeles Co.)  Bought a 10 acre horse breeding/boarding ranch and I still live there today.  It was here I  learned to raise chickens and sell organic brown and blue eggs. Besides the horses and chickens, the ranch had rabbits, goats, feral cats and a dog. I also made and sold apple butter, apricot and plum jam from the orchard trees.

Unexpectedly, I became a widow in 2009.

Always looking for new adventures, I became involved in Disaster Relief.  I am a member of ‘CSBDRM’/California Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Ministries: a non–profit group that voluntarily goes to help in any disaster for which they are called to deploy.  There is a call out right now for Nepal and also upcoming to the Denver area. Last year I worked an “ash out” in Twisp, Wa.  Very rewarding work, mostly for folks who have no homeowners insurance and truly need this help. I became FEMA certified as well as CERT trained, and continue to take any trainings that are beneficial to deployments.

For FUN, I enjoy traveling ie: camping, hiking (recently was in Moab, Utah at Arches), wine tasting, western dancing and so on— If there are any of you who would like to participate in any of the above adventures–let me know!

Besides Dale (Dusty), I stay in contact with Wanda Mason Lopez and Robbie Edney Jefferson.

As the song goes, “all my bags are packed and I’m ready to go”.  Recently, I have had several SUPER phone conversations with our hard working reunion classmate Sandy Beatty!! What a delight.  With all the hard work and efforts on the part of the reunion team, this should be a fantastic 50th!!
Until then,   Happy Trails to you,

Tedi–(theo) Christensen

my email address is: sevenwildwomen@yahoo.com   ph# 661 270-9533 — I would warmly welcome hearing from you!
oh yes–sevenwildwomen –hmmm-I was going to tell you, but maybe I will just wait and see if anyone asks!!

Wanda Mason Lopez writes:

As some of our 1965 Classmates might remember, I was married during our Senior year on March 27th.   So not only are we celebrating our 50th reunion, my husband AL and I just had our 50th wedding anniversary.
We were married on a Saturday and he left Sunday morning back to base in Sacramento and I returned to SAHS to finish my Sr. Year. We didn’t actually make a home together or start our family for almost 3 years, as he was sent overseas and I was a married 18 year old and alone. But here were are 50 years later, after so many wonderful times and great family losses we are blessed with our 3 beautiful children and 4 amazing grandchildren.
I have spent the last 25 years in Real Estate, but have recently retired to reinvent myself yet again and finish writing my book (I’m 1/2 way there)  and take more time for my photography. We have traveled quite a lot in the US but not international, however I am planning a trip to Ireland and Scotland, the home of my mothers family.
Although I have lost 2 of my closest friends from high school, Yvonne Rivera and Scott Walling, I am looking forward to seeing more old friends and hopefully getting reacquainted with many new friends.
Wanda Mason & Al Lopez 1965
Wanda Mason & Al Lopez 1965
Wanda Mason & Al Lopez 2015
Wanda Mason & Al Lopez 2015
I appreciate all of the hard work the committee has put into this and all of our reunions and can’t wait to see everyone. I am staying at the hotel Friday and Saturday so maybe I will see some of you then.
See you soon,
Wanda Mason Lopez