Robbie Edney Jefferson writes:

After reading what many of you have written, my life sounds boring although I didn’t think so while living it.

I left Santa Ana not long after graduation and moved in with my sister in Ontario, CA. I met my husband there and we have continued to live in Ontario. We had two sons and four beautiful grand-daughters. My oldest son was killed in a traffic accident and I raised his daughter who was born on Valentine’s Day two months after he died. My youngest son married, had three daughters and then divorced.
I worked as a Personal Assistant to a Psychiatrist for years until he “burned me out.” I then began working in mental health managing offices. I retired when I turned 62 thinking I was down for the long run.  A doctor I had worked for years ago contacted me and said he was opening a new office. So, back to work I went. I actually enjoy it as I’m only working part-time.
When I was in high school my boyfriend was “older” so while I did have friends at school, I didn’t socialize much when school wasn’t in session. I am still friends with Tedi (Tedi/Theo Christenson). Friends then, friends now. Some things never change.
I know I will remember some of you, but not all. Please forgive me for that and let me know who you are so hugs can be exchanged with huge smiles! Fifty years? Where did the time go?
Robbie (Edney) Jefferson

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