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What to Wear to the Reunion?

Walt Sherrow asks:
What type of dress for the dinner?

SAHS 50th Reunion Fashion Consultant replies:
Dress Suggestions For Our 50th Reunion Celebration

Ladies– This is an occasion to dress up if  you like!  We call it dressy casual.  Wear that cute short dress you have.  A long skirt is apropos too.  If you have a dressy pants outfit, by all means wear it.  If you want to wear heels, go for it— but I think more of us will be in sandals.  Comfort is the key word.

Men– We would like to see our men in collared sport shirts–long sleeve or short sleeve.  If you want to wear a sport coat that will be welcome too. If you are most comfortable in your suit, that also works. If you really feel festive, dig out that tux from the back of your closet.

Please no T-shirts or jeans.  (But we do admire “creative license”!)

It will be very warm in August in Southern California so dress accordingly.  We want you to be comfortable too!