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Robert Currie writes:

I guess my last post got lost in cyberspace, so I’ll try again.

After graduating SAHS, I attended Santa Ana College and Long Beach State, majoring in Microbiology. I have worked in sewage my whole life – first at the Orange County Sanitation District (Mike Mendez, who some of you may know, worked there as well), then the City of Lompoc, CA, and finally at SKF CSD in Kingsburg, CA, where I retired as Lab Director in 2008.

In the early 70s I started what became a lifelong passion passion for air sports, including skydiving, hang gliding, and eventually owning and flying my own aerobatic airplane. Now, in my old age, I just putter around the Central Valley in my ultralight. I also ski at China Peak (whenever there’s snow!), and go for long walks and ride my bike around town. I was a dedicated backpacker until just a few years ago, and did a solo John Muir Trail trip in 1990. I also standup paddle board regularly in Morro Bay (where I hope to live before too long), and may even try surfing, but I really think I’m too old for that.
I married fairly late in life, and my wife and I now live in Clovis, CA. She is a supervising nurse at St. Agnes Medical Center, and I enjoy my favorite job ever – retiree.

I haven’t kept in touch with anybody from SAHS. The last time I remember seeing anybody from SAHS was when I talked to Bob Francis shortly after John Hunt was killed in Vietnam. Bob and I were neighbors and we saw each other regularly while wresting at Santa Ana College. I was drafted shortly after, in 1969, but got out early with a medical discharge.
Some of you may remember my (step)sister, Judy Currie, who also graduated in ’65. Sadly, she passed away in 2003 from cancer. She was always strong and positive until the end, despite many tough times in life.

I guess my main memories from SAHS were the Kennedy assassination (I’m sure we’ll all remember that day), and also Mr. Bouchard constantly picking on Claudia Cohrt in French class (maybe my memories are flawed, but that’s what I remember, and I could never figure out why).

That’s about it. I hope the rest of you graduates from ’65 are happy and doing well.

Bob Currie