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Cathy Alleman Packard writes:

From 1965 SAHS Graduation straight to UCLA.

Worked summers in a Hot Dog Stand or my Dad’s Insurance Agency until I graduated to “Disneyland Tour Guide”, a job that I loved!
Took a semester off to travel around the world with Chapman College 7 Seas program (with Nanci Herron).
Came back to UCLA with a cowboy boyfriend (shipboard romance) I thought I would marry, but decided “no”.
Met the man I would eventually marry while working on a homecoming float . . . he was watching, I was working.
Graduated in 4 years with a Lifetime California Teaching Credential, a job in the Los Angeles School District and a husband.
Moved back to Orange County after 2 years and lived in my Grandmother’s Beach Cottage (rent free-we were extraordinarily poor).
Bought our 1st little house in Irvine ($29,500.00) and proceeded to produce 3 children moving into increasingly bigger houses as we could afford it.
Relocated to Denver in 1977 and have mostly stay here and loved it ever since.
Never worked as a teacher again, but stayed involved in education as a volunteer or aide for 20 years.
Children grew up and became quite extraordinary, capable adults and provided me with 7 fabulous grandchildren.
My focus has changed from education and youth to working with seniors though my church and the community.
New chapter in my life:
Became an unexpected widow in 2009.
“Sold” my big house to my youngest son (you all know how those sales work).California Veterans' Memorial
Bought a smaller fixer upper ranch.
Fixed it up (major remodel) and added a dog.
Have been working on our Class of ’65 High School Reunion for 2 years with a wonderful group of talented classmates.
Hope to see you there.
Cathy Alleman Packard