Dan Fisher writes:

I’m not used to talking about myself but I’ll do my best.#1-I did not marry anyone from SAHS
#2- what is the distance to Japan, I don’t know but i lived there for 2 years while stationed there with the US Navy, Hospital Corp.
#3- 4 children ( 2 boys 2 girls ) ; 6 grandchildren ; sometimes good decision sometimes not a good decision.
#4- I still have hair but Grey.
#5- I spent 41 years in law enforcement and retired with the Federal Protective Service, Department of Homeland Security. I retired November 30 2013. I did work all over he U.S.
#6- I spent a lot of time at the shooting range, mostly instructing firearms. I belong to a Cowboy Action Shooting group. We dress as if we just stepped into 1870, attempting to be as realistic as possible.
#7- Asia.
#8- I have not seen or spoke with anyone in the class other than at a reunion.
#9- Love many, Trust few but always paddle your own canoe. In other words Be your person.
#10- I have no favorite SAHS memories.
#11- Movies-a western called “lonesome Dove”, ; Huntington Beach where I live.This is most I’ve talked about myself in a long time.Dan Fisher

Update on Veteran’s status:

I spent 4.5 yrs in the navy. I was stationed in California,  Texas  and Japan.  I was a hospital  Corpsman and took care of wounded Marines.
After I was discharged I worked for Continental Airlines  then as a police officer with the city of Anaheim. I spent my remaining yrs with the Federal Government  as a police officer and retired from Homeland Security in 2013.
I now work for a national guard company as a corporate trainer.
Married with four children and six grandchildren.
I live in Huntington Beach, walking distance to beach.


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